Heads Up!

Heads UpIf you’re an Ellen DeGeneres fan, and even the most somber of people enjoys a good episode of Ellen from time to time, you’ve probably already heard of Head’s Up! It’s a game straight from Ellen’s show that millions of people around the world enjoy watching and playing from home. While it’s neat to watch it on television, now you can get in on the action directly by downloading the game from the iTunes store. You and your friends will enjoy round after round of one of the funniest games ever to be released from the iTunes store and directly to your Apple device.

If you haven’t watched Ellen’s show, you might be wondering why so many people love this game and why it’s a big hit with people of all ages. The answer is resoundingly clear: It’s fun! This unique little guessing game is best played among your best friends in the world but now you can play with strangers through the mobile game. Once you’ve been playing with strangers for a while, they’ll become quick friends because this is one of those rare games that puts everyone in a great mood and inspires new friendships to be born.

A Great Guessing Game

Guessing games aren’t anything new but the Heads Up! version takes all the best elements of a guessing game and makes them seem brand new. A few examples of what you might guess are the names of celebrities, songs, or bizarre accents, and keep in mind that you’re guessing against the clock on here, making it all the more fun as people struggle to guess what’s on the card.

A Social Experience

More than anything, Heads Up! is a social experience. You’ll want to compare scores with your best buds on Facebook, and the app lets you do that easily. Share scores, see which one of your friends is doing the best, and much more in this exciting and downright funny version of the hit game from Ellen’s show. Even if you don’t like Ellen’s show, you’ll love the game that she popularized. You’ll always enjoy the interest facet of tilting the phone to draw the card, making the game seem much more real and physical than most mobile games.

There’s very little not to love about Heads Up! It can be played with one other friend or as many as 100 different people, each one guessing as fast as they can to grab the high score. You can also use video to record what you’re doing and share it with friends, so of every app in the iTunes store, this game really lives up to the hype as a purely social game. It’s better to laugh with others than to laugh alone and millions of people have already discovered this remarkable gem from the iTunes store. It’s free to download and you can play from dozens of great categories so that the game always stays fresh no matter how long you’ve been playing.

A Little Old School In The New School Bricks Demolition

Bricks DemolitionFor those who remember some old games that used to be played on Atari, DOS operating systems, and other old gaming consoles, the ball, paddle and bricks game was one of them. There were several different games involving that that went around such as Break Out, Moraff’s Blast, Arkanoid and later on Bananoid. Well the game has returned better than ever but with many more features, many new enhancements, and a lot more twists involved in the new Bricks Demolition game.

Playing this game is as simple as it sounds and the same as old school gamers will remember. You have a bouncing ball that you have to try to hit with the paddle and knock down all the bricks at each level until you unlock the next level or the feature you want. The tricky part is depending on how you hit the ball, what kind of bricks you hit it against and where it lands on the paddle, the ball could be bouncing faster or slower and it could really test your reflexes. There’s actually 2 modes that you can choose from in racket and ball impact. Classic mode solely depends on the area of the paddle it hits, and Demolition depends on the angle it hits the paddle and how fast the paddle moved when it hit. You cannot let the ball drop without hitting the paddle or you lose and have to start over. You also have to watch out for falling objects as these could do you either harm or good such as increasing your paddle size or shrinking it.

There are also other surprises that you run into with each brick knocking challenge and level completion and in addition to hitting the ball, it’s also possible to get weapons that you can shoot the bricks down with. But there are currently 400 levels in this game and much more to come, so you can be assured that this will be no quick and done game that you are running into, all users will be kept on their toes wondering what is coming next. If a level does get too difficult or you just do not have time to complete it, you can earn and use wildcards to skip it.

While this game is 2D like its predecessors, the background enhancements provide a very 3D look to the game and the images give it much more of a 21st century look. A lot of other effects that are enhanced to the degree that one might find on Skyrim or World Of Warcraft also give this game an appeal towards younger generation gamers who care about the style of a game they want on their smartphone or tablet.

Teeter Pro for Android

Teeter ProReminiscent of pin ball, Teeter Pro is a refreshingly simple game to learn, but an exceedingly difficult game to master. It is a game of skill that requires a good amount of hand/eye coordination and patience. The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole that has a green dot in the middle, while avoiding the holes that are black. When you start the game, you select the level you are currently at. The game saves your level automatically, so you will not be able to play a level higher than one you have not already beat. The ball moves the same direction as the gravity would move the ball in real life, so you have to move the phone around to control the ball. If you get really good, you could try and go faster for an added challenge, but at first, it is best to try and make the ball go slower so it is easier to control the ball’s movements around the obstacle course.

This game is surprisingly fun. You can play it whenever you have extra time. You can play it on a road trip, in a waiting room, or whenever you have time. Each level takes about a minute to complete, so you don’t need a lot of time to play. You can play for a few minutes, or a few hours!

Teeter Pro is very easy to learn and addictive. You can keep a child occupied by giving them your smartphone to play the game while you finish a book or write a report for work. Even a toddler could figure out how to play it (although I am not sure how good they would be at it)! Heck, even dear old Granny would have a blast playing this game. There are not a lot of rules you have to learn so there is not a lot of knowledge that you need to bring to the game, just your hands and eyes.

Teeter Pro is also a great brain workout. It requires a good amount of hand/eye coordination, so you can improve your coordination skills, at least while playing the game. It also requires good special awareness, so your brain gets that added bonus.

So if you like games requiring some physics, or are looking for a game simple enough for anyone to learn but difficult enough for anyone to find it challenging, then Teeter Pro is an excellent game to download. It is a fun game for any age. You can occupy yourself or your children for as little or as long as you like. You can give your brain a workout and challenge your friends. So download Teeter Pro today!

You can also rate the game on google play and like it on Facebook to show your support if you enjoy the game.

Over Photo Enhancer for iPhone

Over iPhoneMobile apps have this difficulty: utilizing new technology, they have a steep learning curve. While there are untapped realms of utilization, there are also older, established methodologies which tend to make learning such new methods difficult. For this reason iOS on the Apple iPad and iPhone has steadily been upgraded in a way that’s user-friendly. As a result, applications like “Over” go through myriad variation. Currently in its third complete upgrade, Over 3.0.0 has some substantial advantages over previous iterations.

The idea of Over 3.0.0 is to allow anyone who wants to be an artist, to be an artist. To that end, users have described the upgrades as innovations to “obsess” over. The ease of creativity is such that many would praise Over 3.0.0 as having the easiest interface available.

Whatever you’d like to design can be designed in Over. Whether you need a greeting card, whether the need is to visualize an event or promote an event. Real estate, Craigslist sales, memes, jokes, political commentary, restaurant reviews done creatively, visual stories, vibrant personal expression of love and feelings–the possibilities are positively endless! Organize your thoughts visually in a technologically intuitive manner with Over 3.0.0 . Ubiquitous fonts–more than three hundred, in fact!–are coupled with more than eight hundred illustrations; and there’s more available content all the time. Whether or not you’ve got a photo, you can use Over to reap fresh images and tweak them for free. Add-ons like Unsplash, Pixabay and others facilitate as much with ease.

Tools like the color sampler allow you to make perfect matching colors from any of the multitude of colors available on your canvas. You can also install your own fonts. It’s as easy as finding the proper one on the internet, then selecting “Open in Over”.

Other new improvements allow erasing and masking, drop-shadows, color-sampling from photos, more free tools and content, more aesthetic and open user-interface, cropping optimal to social media, improved fonts, an undo button, the ability to delete fonts, and an increased capacity for the achievement of powerful, creative tasks acquired quickly and easily. You can even go onto the app’s primary website and read a hilarious tongue-in-cheek checklist of apologies summed up in this paragraph. What’s nice about that is it shows the development team at Over doesn’t only have a sense of humor, but they fundamentally understand their clients, and are continuously working to please them.

SolMail Email Manager for Android

SolMail AndroidSolmail is a new and improved combination email app. It is made by Kakao Corporation. The app gathers all your email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and loads them into one app. All emails constantly refresh to keep you up to date. Solmail is a quick and easy solution to all one to check all email at once rather than opening several different tabs at once and having to keep switching back and forth.

Once you open up the app on android, you have access to all emails right in front of you. After you are done reading through most of them, you just simply swipe left to archive the important emails or delete the ones that aren’t important or spam. One may say with all these emails coming in, how is it organized? Well the app lets you categorized emails by attached, starred, unread, and directly to the individual. This way you don’t have to deal with all the added stress of which emails are not read and which ones are important. In addition, this works for outgoing mail as well. The user has easy access to everything that was sent out. This includes messages as well.

Going above and beyond emails, Kakao has added a sticker option that can be implemented within emails to loved ones or close friends. This is a neat way to spice up the rather boring email interfaces that exist. This option may be a deciding factor to quite a few users.

This app is tablet friendly as well. You get to maximize the email experience on tablets with this app. Emails exist in a wider view, making it easier to read and easier to see what one is typing. I don’t know about you, but bigger screens make it a lot easier to read. Kakao did a great job maximizing the tablet interface experience.

There is now the ability to sync folders and get up to date notifications warning the user of upcoming events. With our busy lives, it is hard to remember all the important times. It doesn’t have to be that hard with continuous notifications.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, the user can add any personal signature or message automatically attached to the end of the email. This could definitely help differentiate from spam or less professional emails.

This app is completely free with no hidden fees. The reviews for this app are certainly worth checking out.

Roulette Multiplayer for Apple iPhone

Roulette Multiplayer for Apple iPhoneRoulette Multiplayer is a popular casino game that is available for the iPhone. This app will allow gamers to live those “Vegas” moments on their smartphones or tablets. Players will enjoy this title that will provide them with variety of wheel games that they can have fun using while on the go.

Developer and Game Developer

App Street Software created this game and it is all about experiencing roulette activity and fun that is often found inside of a real casino. Players can compete against and hangout with each other just like they do at a real gaming center. They will be able to check the leader boards and rankings to figure out their position when compared to the competition.

App Features
The game can be downloaded for free and when players open this app they can begin enjoying the different roulette titles that are available for play. There are multiple roulette games roulette game which includes auto match, exclusive and bluetooth. People can play games in the solo mode and they can also go head up against competition on exclusive tables.

Players can make as many as 20 different bets on the table. Inside and outside bets are available and they can even make call and full bets to get that full roulette experience. There are 5 different types of tables for gamers to play. A person will start off on the learning table and then can move up to the billionaire table where they can win big payoffs. People can even show off their wins by displaying them with crowns.

The bluetooth capability is great for connecting to the game when an internet connection is not available. Roulette Multiplayer is free to play but there are in-app purchases and paid advertisements. People can turn off the in-app feature and pay to have advertisements removed.

Roulette Multiplayer provides players with daily chip bonuses and the platinum lounge for high rollers. Players will have the ability bet and win rounds from a number of multiple different ways.

Game Detail

People can join a league to hand with their friends, share their scores on Facbook and play a craps game that is included with this game. Roulette Multiplayer is loaded with a lot of activities and game variety that a person could literally be kept busy for days on end. The game is updated periodically to improve the experience of players.

SketchBook Express for Android

SketchBook Express AndroidSketchbook Express is a powerful electronic drawing app available for download on android devices. This app is optimized for screens 4 inches and above, though, it is compatible with smaller screens as well. This app allows users to save their creations straight to their device, making sharing a quick and easy task. Artists also have the option to upload their work directly to deviantART, the largest online sharing platform for artists and their fans.

Sketchbook Express currently offers 15 different pressure sensitive brushes that are all customizable is size, color, and opacity. Each brush is a high-quality replica of the actual medium, extending the artist’s creative abilities. You can use brushes by drawing with your finger, however, a stylus produces more precise results. A unique tool Sketchbook Express offers its users is free layering options. Artists can create up to 3 layers of imagery, much like the layers used in leading design software. To use the layering feature, an artist must create the images they would like to use then save them to their Sketchbook gallery or import images directly from their device. Users can then click on the layer icon in the top-right corner of the screen to arrange layers accordingly.

The toolbar in Sketchbook Express features a symmetry option that mirrors objects you’ve drawn from one side to another. This feature proves quite handy when drawing things such as faces for those days when you just cannot seem to find balance. The toolbar also gives you 4 style options: free, line, rectangle, and oval. Artists are not limited to the amount of tools they can use per sketch, allowing free reign over their creations. Other tools include a fill option, transform tool, and text.

Sketchbook Express delivers all of these amazing tools to your personal device for free, making it a great addition to any app collection. It gives users the opportunity to grow as artists by introducing them to tools that wouldn’t be available to them otherwise. Users will agree that Sketchbook Express allows them to delve deeper into their work without the added costs required by other application developers, making it a must-have tool for serious artist and casual doodlers alike.

Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game

Roulette Pro - Best Casino Betting GameRoulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game is an iTunes mobile roulette casino game created by Dumadu Games and is up for download on your iPad or iPhone. This game was intended to make you feel like you are spinning the wheel in a high rolling casino anywhere in the world. Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game is very fairly priced and is one of the more sought after mobile roulette spinning games that is available on iTunes. In this overview we will go over a few things. We will look at the features offered in Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game as well as give you a more detailed glance into the game.

Game Summary

Dumadu Games Limited came out with this game in early 2014 and since release this game has been very popular with both mobile casino enthusiasts and fans of roulette on the App Store. This particular version of the game has a couple of different options for players. You can set the background theme to whatever you like- from fun aquatic scenes to standard casino high roller. You play the game very similarly to other roulette-style video games. When you are ready put down your bets, choose your spot and spin the wheel and hope for good luck. When playing this game you get a very good sense that the developers were looking to create a shiny product that did not disappoint their customers and that really shines through in the high quality graphics and top notch user interface that is present in the app.

Game Details
If you are looking to purchase Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game in the App Store it will cost you .99 cents. This is a steal for such a legendary roulette game that has all the features you would want as a mobile player. While a ton of games in this genre actually try to get you to pay for extra features or extra chips once you purchase Roulette Pro – Best Casino Betting Game you have access to whatever you need to play. Chips are unlimited so do not feel bad if you have some not so good luck down at the tables- simply click replenish chips and you have more. If you are a roulette enthusiast or just a fan of fun mobile casinos you should check out this title.

Food.com Recipes App for iPhone

Food.com Recipes iPhoneAccess a huge compilation of recipes and grocery store deals instantly with Food.com’s app. Stay organized with the help of a recipe box, meal planning capability, and instant access to savings at local grocery stores.

Plan Meals

It is easy to develop customized meal plans to help save both time and money with this convenient app. Meal plans, as well as shopping lists, can be effortlessly shared among multiple devices. Find over one-half million reviewed recipes which can be imported from over thirty websites. Use this app to save recipes in a personalized recipe box and sync them on Food.com’s web page.

It is easy to construct menus with this app. A grocery list is essential to saving both time and money. Get in and out of the grocery store easily with the help of this app. Organize your meal plan by day with the help of a handy calendar. Create multiple shopping lists which are organized by grocery department. Instantly develop a shopping list with ingredients for each recipe.

Save Money

It is easy to stick to a budget with the Food.com app. You can compare local grocery store sales. It is very easy to find fresh ways to use food already in your pantry with the Food.com app. The app can be used to discover new recipes that feature ingredients you already have at home. This is a very useful feature that helps you save on grocery bills and reduces your food waste.

Find Recipes for the Whole Family

It is simple to use this app to select recipes that meet the whole family’s food preferences and dietary requirements. Anyone in the family have an intolerance to gluten? Easily choose recipes and meals that are gluten free, low carbohydrate, low fat, low sodium, or vegetarian. It is no trouble at all to locate recipes for Diabetic and other special need diets using Food.com’s app.

Using this app, you will have all that you need to plan, organize and create interesting meals every day of the week.

JibJab Messages for iPhone

iPhone JibJab MessagesJibJab, which may just be the funniest most entertaining app currently available, is now available in an Apple app. JibJab began being widely recognized in 2004 and only continues to grab the attention of many and is growing steadily in popularity.

JibJab traditionally allows you to take a picture or choose pictures out of your personal collection of photos to place them inside characters which will be featured in a fun humorous video. These videos are often created featuring popular music videos or holiday themes. They’re meant to be funny and are, indeed, hilarious with you and your friends and family’s faces on the moving characters in the video.

JibJab is a great unique way to cheer yourself up or send a friend or family member a smile. The new Apple JibJab messages application offer even more fun for everyone. JibJab messages allows you to choose a photo and adjust a person’s face in the face space on the character. Then you can send these hilarious personalized JibJab messages to your friends and family’s phone right from your iPhone and while you’re on the go.

Once you upload your photo, you can add your face to different characters on numerous different funny stickers and you can also add your face to a sticker that holds virtual gifts. Your own face, or a friends, will actually become part of the animated character featured in the entertaining message.

With JibJab, there are tons of stickers to choose from and you’re free to personalize them all and even share these funny stickers on social media for your friends to get a good laugh as well. Many will agree this new Apple app is undoubtedly one worth downloading and will certainly pay you and your friends and family back tenfold in laughs and happy moments. Simply snap a selfie with your JibJab app, fill the blank oval space with the face of you or a friend and send these messages and stickers straight to your friends for a good laugh. This hysterically funny animated JibJab messages are so simple to make yet so much fun. They’re great for passing time and will give you and your friends such a good laugh you won’t be able to watch them just once!