DoubleDown Casino

Doubledown CasinoDoubleDown Casino is a hot new game that was designed for both iPhone and iPads. Playing this game will make you feel as if you have just walked into a real casino! The design, color and sounds of this game will have you thinking you were actually in Las Vegas! 365 days a year, you can enjoy playing some of the most popular games. The casino never closes! You will have access to Blackjack, Video Poker, Free Slots and more! There are lots of surprises at the DoubleDown Casino. One surprise is that there are new games added every week. Pharaoh’s Fortune is the latest game to be added. This game is extremely animated and high energy. Another new game is the Player’s Suite BLACKJACK designed to feel just like the real thing. Wolf Run and Cleopatra are also two new games with authentic slots. A second surprise are the daily spins, which gives the player bonus chips, now that’s a treat!

Blackjack Casino rules apply to this iPhone game just like in real life. You will need to decide how much you want to bet. You will have a choice as to much you want to bet. With hand-held games the dealer holds the cards in their hands and will deal the cards facing down. These games usually will use 1 or 2 decks of cards. Next you will need to exchange cash for chips from the dealer. Put down how much you would like to play, then put a little bit at a time towards each play. Just like the real thing red chips are $5, green is $25, black is $100. When the game is over is you won you can keep your chips, if not the chips are taken away. If you are good at the game, you may feel comfortable betting big right off the top. However if you are a beginner, starting off small may be a good idea.

So overall the best features in DoubleDown Casino are the free to play additions, the daily slot tournaments and the 40+ slot games. With the 40+ slot games you will feel the casino atmosphere and themes! Don’t call it a night until you have played the most popular video poker there is. GAME KING will make you feel like you’re at table with the hottest poker big wigs in town! After playing don’t forget to login into Facebook and share your wins with your crew! You will be able to invite friends and send free chips at any time.

DoubleDown casino was designed for persons 21 years old and older. This company does not offer real money opportunities. I give this game a rating of 5, with 5 being excellent!


OuternautsOuternauts is a mobile device app fighter game where your job is to breed and train thousands of different species to conquer the galaxy. The game is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices and is very popular among the mobile device gaming community for its charming creatures and addicting story line.

The game Outernauts was developed by Insomniac Games Inc., a very popular game developing company. This company is known for the every-popular Spyro, Resistance and Rachet & Clank series. The company is American based and has headquarters located in Burbank, California. They were founded in 1994 and have released titles for almost every gaming platform. They have won 13 “Best Workplace” awards and have sold over 35 million copies of their games. There was much buzz about the release of their new game Outernauts in 2012 because it was the first game they produced which would not be used on the Playstation platform.

The app follows a basic, easy to understand story line where the player is responsible for saving different planets and to do so, he or she must rescue different creatures, breed them to create more and then train them to be master fighters. The objective of the game is to take over the galaxy, however that will only be possible if the game player is able to train their creatures well. It follows a similar style and story line to the very popular game Pokemon.

After downloading the app, you will open it to find what is essentially the home screen. Here, you are given the option to open up your beasts, quests, planets, basics, journals or sector. Each section involves a different part of game play however they’re all important and all intertwine.

Choose beasts to see what characters you’ve found. You can learn different information about each beast, set them beast up to breed more, train them and more. If you open your quest tab you will see what fighting you have to do with your beasts. The planet’s tab shows what planet you’re on and this is how you locate different species of beasts (not to be confused with finding more beasts. You can’t find more beasts, you must breed them).

While the game was designed by very impressive developers, it fell short of its goals. The cliché copy of Pokemon paired with the “pay to win” mechanics made it less popular with core gamers — the games targeted audience. It could understandably be popular among a younger crowd of the adorable characters and the ability to care for and nurture the pets.

Overall ratings of Outernauts on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, would rate a 3. The fact that you need to pay actual currency in order to advance far in certain areas makes it less attractive to a wider audience. There are many ways in which apps and games can create revenue, constantly charging gamers doesn’t need to be one of them. Another negative aspect to the game is the fact that it seems very similar to the almost as old as time, fan favorite Pokemon. While many say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, in the video game world, imitation can be just plain boring. At the same time, the graphics of Outernauts are impressive and the desire to capture more and more planets does intrigue. It can be a fun game, however the company has certainly made some more successful games and could’ve made some minor design changes that would’ve made it much more appealing to their target audience.

Marvel – Contest of Champions App Review for iPhone

Marvel 2

Marvel – Contest of Champions

Marvel is no stranger to the fighting game genre with past favorites such as the Marvel vs. series and several X-Men related fighting games as well. Their latest entry into the fighting game arena is Contest of Champions, which pits Marvel Superheros (and a few villains) against one another in battles of strength and skill on mobile devices. Unlike it’s console forerunners, this fighting game is a bit more simplistic and allows practically anyone to jump in and have fun regardless of experience level or skill. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by Contest of Champions.


The controls in Contest of Champions are very basic. Instead of using a controller as one would do for a console game, this mobile game is played using the touch screen. The controls are set up to some what mimic the thumb sticks from a standard video game controller only in touch screen form. This allows the player to control their character with a few swipes of the thumb. For example, dashing forward at your opponent is done by swiping your thumb towards them. Blocking or preforming a power attack is done by holding your thumb on the screen. Overall the controls are very intuitive and easy to get used to.

Marvel 1Characters

In Contest of Champions the player starts with a set roster of characters to choose from but then progressively unlocks characters as they play. The complete roster is very diverse and offers players the ability to fight as popular character such as the Hulk and Wolverine to lesser known characters such as Blackbolt and Vision. The only real drawback here is the fact that characters are unlocked randomly and the player can end up getting the same character multiple times. Unlocking characters is easy but the randomness will likely make it take a while to unlock the entire roster.


The game play for Contest of Champions is relatively fast paced but not as fast as the Marvel vs. series. It is also much more simplistic allowing even novices to execute combos and skill attacks. The only real issue here is that pretty much every character pays the same except for their unique special skill. For example, Cyclops can shoot a beam from his eyes while Wolverine can do a claw slash. Aside from this however, all of the characters play the same. This is good for newbies but fighting game veterans may dislike the lack of variety and depth.


The graphics in Contest of Champions are top notch for a mobile device. Each character looks exactly as you’d expect them to and are rendered in high detail. The background are also striking and well designed. The character animations for attacks are fluid and look like something out of a fast paced anime battle and the special moves are suitably flashy, giving the player a sense of satisfaction when pulling them off. The only real drawback here is that if played on a small screen, like a budget smartphone, the player may not have the opportunity to fully appreciate the finer details.


Ultimately Contest of Champions is a great mobile fighting game. While it does lack the depth of its console forerunners, it is still a fun experience that anyone can pick up and play, which is the point of mobile games any way. The overall presentation from the graphics, to the characters, to the smooth animations really help this game stand apart from the crowd as you can tell the developers really put some effort into their work. Contest of Champions gets a score of 4/5 Stars.

Hardest Game Ever 2 App Review

Hardest Game Ever 2Hardest Game Ever1

The Hardest Game Ever 2 is somewhat of a sequel to the original app, Toughest Game Ever. Developed by Orangenose Studios, the app has over 10 million downloads on the Android market. It really tests your reflexes with the fast-paced action of completing simple, yet difficult tasks. After playing only ten minutes of this mind-boggling game, you will understand that it is the hardest game ever! Although it is very tough, cheats are available to pass levels, but there is no fun in trying to cheat the hardest game ever. Most games on the market are all boring and you will quickly become burnt out after a few days of gameplay. Not with this, Orangenose Studios is always updating content to keep you playing and forever attempting to beat the hardest game ever!


The game is all a large game of mini-games. Starting off, there are two types of games to play. Original and Extreme. Original is what most people are geared towards since it is tough. But for the elite players, Extreme is for you. Things will move a lot faster and you will have less time to complete the goal. Original is simple. Pass three stages with a grade of S to unlock the Normal difficulty (you start off on Easy difficulty, even though it is not easy whatsoever). You are graded with a letter system, grades are S, A, B, C, D, E, F. F is failing and S is passing. The first mini-game is called, “Stop Tickling Me”. A foot is placed in the middle of the screen with three different colors: red, yellow, and blue. The goal is to tickle the foot as fast as possible with about five seconds to do so. While doing this, the foot moves to another color and you have to tap the square box that it resides in.

Overall Impression

Overall, the Hardest Game Ever 2, is no game to just play and not necessarily pay attention to. Your reflexes after playing this game for a few hours will be put to the test, but improve over time. Soon you will be able to defeat it. On a scale of 1-5, I would have to give this app two different ratings. One rating for the development of the game and the updates the developers put out. And another rating for the gameplay. For the development, H.G.E.2 is rated 5/5! Very well put together and the developers kept in mind, throughout putting it together, to keep the player’s attention while playing. And the second rating is the gameplay, and that would have to be another 5/5. The mini-games are fun, addictive, and engaging. Although if you could give a rating of how ticked off you get when failing level after level after level, 5/5 (or would that be1/5?). Enjoy the game and try not to break your device when playing. Orangenose Studios is not responsible for damaged phones!

Dodge Space iPhone App Review


There are some games that have been created that are very easy to play such as chess or checkers, but they are also at the same time very challenging.  If you like fast and furious games that are easy to control, but are very challenging, there is a great new app that is available for the iphone.  The game we are talking about is called Dodge Space for the iphone or ipod touch.  This game provides a very hard hand to eye coordination challenge as you are a little space man that is trying to dodge the things that are out floating in  space that can harm you.

As a little space man, you are in earth’s obit.  While you are in space, there are items that are floating down to earth that can cause you a lot of harm.  The whole point of the game is to use your finger and drag the little space man out of harms way.  This sounds easy right?  WRONG!  The game is freaking hard and will keep you entertained for hours.  The game also has a huge replay factor as you always want to try and beat your last score.  In fact, its so hard that the developers hold the record at a 54 second flight time without dying.  So the question remains, how long can you last flying around in space trying to get out of harms way?

space dodge


  • there are 4 direction movements that you can take to get your little guy out of the way of space junk, comets, and asteroids
  • you can fly, move, dodge tilt to survive as long as you can as the onslaught of space debris comes down to the earth.
  • The game is simple addictive and very fun to play as it takes some skill and patience.
  • The game has you tilt the phone to move your guy to get out of the way of the objects to live as long as possible.
  • This game works with the new iOS 4.0 software to make sure minimal problems occur while playing the game.

If you like space and danger, this is your game!  Get this game now as its very cheap as it’s new, and see if you can beat the times that the developers have set as a record.


This app costs $.99 cents as an introductory rate and has not yet been reviewed by customers yet as it is brand new, but we would give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.

The Gravedigger iPhone App Review


Strategy games are always a bunch of fun because they tend to stretch the mind and use you brain more than most games.  The trick of a strategy game is being able to anticipate your opponents next move which can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do.  Well there is a real time strategy game that has just come out for the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.  The game is called The Gravedigger and you can either control an army of humans, or an army of blood lusting zombies.  Having the ability to control the two different groups really adds to the game’s fun level as it can really be a lot of fun.

The game is quite fun as your minions will do everything that you command and will follow orders without question.  Your job is to eliminate the other army and dish out the most amount of pain as you can.  What you don’t want to happen is to have them overtake your army and take over your base by destroying it.  The app has some really great features as it looks great on the iphone with a large view of the map and some great zoom features so you can see what is going on outside of your immediate view.  The other point of the game is to keep the enemy from grabbing the power ups before you as it makes them a lot stronger and can take some serious crazy strategy to defeat them.

the gravedigger


  • two exclusive teams with different units and upgrades
  • unique experience every time you play with dynamically created maps
  • you create and decide your own moves
  • great zoom in and out
  • play through 16 challenging levels in campaign mode
  • quick play mode for an intense game
  • great original soundtrack to get you into the game mood
  • the game is always being updated with new features
  • new levels are on the way
  • new endless game mode with a survival mode to get the highest score possible
  • more control or your army and units is also on its way
  • there will also be a new multiplayer mode that will allow you to play with others on the local network.

As far as strategy games go, this is a great app for the iphone, as it makes it a lot of fun to control hordes of humans or zombies to achieve your mission.


This game costs $1.99 and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating.

Super Badminton 2010 iPhone App Review


Games are always fun, especially when it involves some kind of sport.  One of the easiest sports for people to pick up and play is Badminton.  While badminton can be played competitively, you won’t have to worry about how good you are in real life as you can play from the comfort of your own phone.  That’s right, there is a new app for the iphone called Super Badminton 2010.  This app is a great way to experience the fastest racquet sport in the world at your fingertips with some amazing physics going on while you play.

The game is fun as it offers 8 different badminton players to choose from.  This is great because you can pick a character that looks similar to you, or you can pick a character that you want to be to start serving some mean badminton serves to your opponents.  There are also 3 tournaments to challenge your mad skills.  The game is completely in 3d which is a great twist and is looks fantastic on the ipod.  The game controls are also easy as there is a virtual D-pad and other button to press on the screen.



  • 8 badminton players-each come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so its fun to pick the character that possesses the skills you are looking for
  • 3 tournament modes to so that you can have different degrees of difficulty
  • 4 3d badminton stadium courts to simulate the real badminton stadiums
  • wooden badminton court to give you an experience of playing badminton at your local court/gym
  • control the direction of your shot by tilting your phone. This fun control gives you an immersive experience while playing this game and commanding your shots
  • show off the trophies you earn in your cabinet as you get rewarded in tournaments and various difficulty modes
  • simple and effective controls as the game has a virtual D-pad to make controls easy by just tapping the appropriate buttons that are showing on the screen
  • super read badminton shots animations include: overhead clear, backhand clear, backhand clear, backhand drop, forehand drop, smash among others.

If you like badminton and love to play games that have an addictive feel to them, this is a great game to get for the iphone and to pick up and play.  This game is simple and will keep you coming back for more.


This app costs $3.99 and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star review.

Big City Adventure – San Francisco iPhone app Review


In the Big City Adventure – San Francisco iPhone app you will be able to choose a certain avatar and then take them into the big Bay city of San Francisco.  You will be able to go on vacation there and participate in all kinds of different activities.  You can go on the treasure hunt in the big city to find thousands of different items that are located all across the city’s most famous landmarks.  You can go see Alcatrez as well as the Golden Gate Bridge.

big city adventurebig city adventure2


  • In this game you will find there is quite a bit of variety.  You will be able to play in 48 different levels that each have their unique challenges
  • You will also be able to play this game for hours on end because there are so man different items for you to collect.  There are thousands of different items out there that you can find
  • There are also a lot of different mini games that you can try out and see if you can master them.  These add a lot to the overall fun of the game
  • The sounds and graphics in the game are also very good.  You will love the comical artwork and graphics that have been created just for this game.
  • They are continuing to add levels and items to this game.  In the near future you will be able to download even more levels for you to be able to play in
  • Also, if you don’t like the music that is provided you can always just listen to your own music on there.  This is great so that you can get the best of both worlds
  • There is also a multiplayer option for the game so you can actually play against other people using 3G, Edge, WiFI, or Bluetooth
  • You can actually just invite your friends to come and play against you in a head to head match
  • You can also use the voice chat function on the phone in order to talk to your friends while you are playing them
  • You can use the matchmaker function while trying to do head to head
  • There are also 3 different difficulty levels that you can set while playing the computer in order to match your skill level


This app has been given a rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by people who have downloaded the game and already tried it out.  The app can also be downloaded onto your iPhone for a price of $4.99.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2010 iPhone app Review


In the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2010 iPhone app you will be able to sit in the hotseat and see if you can answer all 15 questions and win the big one million dollar prize.  You will be able to double dip, ask the expert, ask the audience, phone a friend and much more.



  • In this version of who wants to be a millionaire you will be able to see what it would really be like to sit in the hot seat next to Meredith Vieira and answer some incredibly challenging questions
  • You will be able to see some exclusive video clips of the real show as you are playing through this mobile remake
  • All of the sounds and music that you will hear in the app are taken right from the popular show.  Also, many of the animations are the same kinds that you would see on television
  • If you don’t like the music that is being played in the background then you can actually go ahead and listen to your own music off of your iTunes if that will help you to concentrate and answer more of the questions
  • If you get some really high scores then you can get right onto Facebook and post it from the app so you can show off to all of your friends and family about how smart you are
  • You can also see the online leader boards to see who the best players are so far.  You can see who is really owning the hot seat by checking out these rankings
  • This app has been fully redesigned in order to make it the best version ever for the iPhone.  It plays very smooth and crisp
  • The graphics in this game also have been completely overhauled so that you feel like it is more legit and looks even better
  • The user interface is also very easy to use in this game so you won’t have a problem figuring out the controls and navigating between screens


This is a remake of the classic game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  This game rocked the nation a few years back and had everybody interested in who could make it through all of the different trivia questions.  Now you will have the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and test your knowledge and guessing abilities.  This is a great way to pass the time and challenge your intellect.  You will enjoy playing through and seeing all of the different questions that are available.

This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and currently costs $1.99 for you to download off of the iTunes store.

My Measures & Dimensions iPhone app Review


In the My Measures & Dimensions iPhone app Review you will be able to take a picture of any item, room, or object and then edit the photo to be able to put dimensions on it.  This is great for anyone that is into real estate, construction, engineering, carpentry, or architectural design.  You can add arrows, dimensions, angles and also text boxes to say exactly how big it is.

My measures1my measures2


  • This is a great tool for anyone that is in the real estate or engineering business that needs to take and keep accurate measurements of different parts of a house.  You can actually take a picture of any room or fixture that is in it, make some measurements and then store the dimensions right onto the photo for future reference
  • You can add all kinds of things to the photos including arrows to see what part of the room you are measure, angles to show how the pieces all fit together, and also text boxes to say the actual measurements
  • You can also organize all of these photos and pictures into different folders.  This way it is really easy to organize all of your files so that you can quickly access them at a later time
  • You can also do file sharing and multiple folder sharing with this app.  This makes it easy to send information to other people that you work with that might also find the measurements useful
  • If you get a photo that you want to export you can actually do it very simply and efficiently by just taking the photo with the dimensions and exporting it to the photo library
  • Once you have exported the photo you can then send it to other people.  The best way to send these photos is through the use of email.  You can email them to anyone that you would like that would want to see it
  • This app also supports both a portrait view of the information as well as a landscape orientation.  It completely depends on what you would rather do
  • This app can also convert items into different measuring units.  You can do metric and imperial units.  This would include meters, millimeters, centimeters, inches, yards, feet, and even fractions


This little productivity app has been given pretty good ratings. It currently sits at a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by people that have reviewed it and you can download it onto your iPhone for only $0.99.