MahJong iPhone app Review

Description: In the MahJong Solitaire iPhone app you will have to match tiles from around the board and try to clear them all off of the screen in order to win.  You can only select the tiles that are not covered up by any other tiles. Features: There are a lot of different features for […]

Castle Smasher iPhone app Review

Description: In the Castle Smasher iPhone app you will have to set up your catapults and launch some huge boulders onto your opponents fortresses to be able to destroy the kingdom and become conqueror.   This is the newest version of the game and it has completely been updated and has all of the good elements […]

Crystal War iPhone app Review

Description: The Crystal War iPhone app is a cool new game to come out of GNC Interactive.  It is a real time simulation game that has some very unique and fun strategy element attached.  You will have to keep finding resources in order to be able to build up your defenses and defeat all of […]

Rubik’s Cube iPhone app Review

Description: Have you ever wondered how to do a Rubik’s cube?  Well now you can download the Rubik’s Cube iPhone app and learn how to do it all by yourself.  You can also play with a bunch of different sizes of cubes and then you can also play in 24 different game modes.  If you […]

FlightTrack Android App Review

Description: Do you travel often?  If so you would probably love an app that can tell you when flights are coming in or expected to leave.  Well there is a new app for the Android platform that can do just that and more.  The app is called FlightTrack and it is hands down the best […]

CrossBomb Android App Review

Description: There were a few games that have lasted the test of time and have always remained popular and fun for a lot of people.  When people get bored at work, there are a few games that they play that came with their operating system.  The games that they play are either solitaire, or the […]

MixZing Media Player Android App Review

Description: If you love listening to music on your Android device, this is a great app for you.  The new app is called MixZing Media Player and it is one of the most advanced media player apps around.  There are some amazing features that are included with this app which include: mood player, home screen […]

TowerMadness iPhone app Review

Description: The TowerMadness iPhone app will take you through 30 different levels and have you use 9 different guns to save your beloved sheep from all of the evil aliens! Features: This little tower defense app has some pretty incredible graphics that are all in 3D.  Although it can be blocky at times, it does […]

AirCoaster XL iPhone app Review

Description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own roller coaster?  You could give it as many drop offs, flips, and rolls as you wanted.  With the AirCoaster XL you can do just that.  You will be able to enjoy a cool 3D experience as you virtually fly over the […]

Bria iPhone app Review

Description: In the Bria iPhone app you will be able to take advantage of advanced means of communication to help with your personal and business endeavors.  With this app you can securely connect to all of the numbers and lines that you need to in order to complete important calls.  This app has settings that […]