Castle Smasher iPhone app Review

Description: In the Castle Smasher iPhone app you will have to set up your catapults and launch some huge boulders onto your opponents fortresses to be able to destroy the kingdom and become conqueror.   This is the newest version of the game and it has completely been updated and has all of the good elements […]

Crystal War iPhone app Review

Description: The Crystal War iPhone app is a cool new game to come out of GNC Interactive.  It is a real time simulation game that has some very unique and fun strategy element attached.  You will have to keep finding resources in order to be able to build up your defenses and defeat all of […]

Rubik’s Cube iPhone app Review

Description: Have you ever wondered how to do a Rubik’s cube?  Well now you can download the Rubik’s Cube iPhone app and learn how to do it all by yourself.  You can also play with a bunch of different sizes of cubes and then you can also play in 24 different game modes.  If you […]