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3D Mini Golf Challenge iPhone app Review

3D Mini Golf Challenge iPhone app Review

by July 8, 2010
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In the 3D Mini Golf Challenge, you will have to see just how good you are with a putter.  There are over 20 different challenges as well as 100 levels total.   You will have to see if you can stay at or below par by going through the four different themes that are included.


  • One of the best parts about this game is how many different challenges you will be able to try your hand at.  There are over 20 different challenges that cover a span of 100 holes.  There are also a total of 4 different challenge types that you can try out
  • The first challenge type is the par challenge.  In this game mode you will go through the game the traditional way and see if you can make it through all of the different holes while staying under par
  • There is also the time attack mode.  This game mode is a little bit different because you will have to try and make sure your shots count because the clock is counting down the entire time
  • Next comes the hole-in-one challenge.  This is the game mode where you will have to try and see how far luck takes you.  See if you can sink every single hole using only a single golf stroke
  • The last of the four challenge types is the Versus mode.  In this mode you will have to see how skilled you are by playing against one of the AI computer characters.  Don’t be deceived, they are pretty challenging
  • There are also four different themes that you can play in.  They include the Excalibur, Transylvania, Super Nova, and also the Pirate’s Cove
  • As far as picking your characters go, you can decide whether you want to be a male player or if you want to be able to control the female player as you work your way through the holes
  • The physics in this game are also very realistic.  You will notice how similar it is to real mini golf and you may feel like you actually went once you are done
  • The music in the game is also very good and will give you a relaxing feeling as you play so you don’t get all tensed up and throw the phone like you would in real golf.  You will be able to get a visual picture of you sinking the ball in a single golf swing


This is the sequel to the first popular version of the game and it takes everything that was good about the first one and just embellishes it.  The 3D graphics don’t hurt its case at all either.  This is just a great way to waste time and have fun while doing it.

This is a fun little mini golf app and has been given ratings of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users.  You can also download this app into your library of apps for only $1.99.

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