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A Review of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

A Review of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

by June 5, 2016
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Star Wars hype is at a level that is not been at for many years. As a result of this rekindled enthusiasm from the fans, new star wars games are being created for many platforms. One Star Wars game that was recently released onto the market is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It is a mobile game that is available to Star Wars fans on both IOS and Android devices.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes should feel familiar to those who play turn-based RPGs made for mobile. They will have an easy time jumping into it while still feeling the excitement of being immersed in the Star Wars universe they love. The game features typical RPG systems for upgrading playable heroes, as well as for the combat. The biggest difference is that things are just renamed to match the Star Wars theme. For instance, instead of having treasure chests in Star Wars:Galaxy of Heroes, the player will get items from Data Cards.

Overall this game has a generic feel to it. Those who are looking for an innovative gaming experience in the Star Wars universe may feel a bit disappointed by it. One thing that can be said though is that the mobile gaming experience is very streamlined. You will be able to learn and pick it up quickly so that you can start having fun right away, just as long as you love Star Wars. Don’t judge the game too harshly for its lack of innovation. This is a general challenge for all the games in the mobile turn-based RPG genre.

The Star Wars feeling that you get while playing the game is authentic and really immersive. You get to play as characters from the Star Wars universe and you can unlock more characters to play as through completing quests and other feats. Each character that you can play as is unique. They have a set of unique special abilities and traits which you can improve upon using the game’s upgrade system. You can use points to boost your characters offensive powers, or put those points into enhancing their defensive capabilities. At the start of your journey, your hero will only have a single special ability. The game designers did a smart thing by making each character’s ability relevant to the character itself and also useful on their journey. Too many games out there create arbitrary or useless special abilities that contribute nothing to immersion in the game.

One of the characters in the game is Chewbacca. He has a taunt ability and when he uses it taunts the enemies, forcing them to attack him. Since Chewbacca is a tank he can survive the attacks while his party members finish the enemies off. This is good game design.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is highly recommended for those who enjoy turn-based RPGs and who also happen to be Star Wars fans. It is a mobile platform game that is available for both Android and IOS devices.

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