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AirCoaster XL iPhone app Review

AirCoaster XL iPhone app Review

by June 18, 2010
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own roller coaster?  You could give it as many drop offs, flips, and rolls as you wanted.  With the AirCoaster XL you can do just that.  You will be able to enjoy a cool 3D experience as you virtually fly over the rails and ramps of the track that you have created.  You can use the track editor to rotate, zoom and pan, and also tweak and move over every section of the roller coaster that you have created.  Once you have made all of the corrections and edits that you want to, you can strap in and go on a virtual ride!  If you don’t really like making your own tracks but love riding them then you can always go to the Community tab and just download tracks that have already been created.  You will have thousands to choose from and you can rate them and give feedback to the editors.


  • One of the cool things about this app is that it actually comes in two different versions.  One for the iPad, and the other for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  Pretty much you get two complete apps all for the price of one
  • You will be able to customize and create your very own roller coasters in this game.  You can decide to either create the conventional coasters or you can try your hand at the inverted roller coasters
  • There is a cool sensor mode that you can turn on and off that will actually make you feel like you are in a real roller coaster!  This little virtual experience is very immersive and will use the compass and the accelerometer to deliver a very real life experience
  • If you want you can throw on your little red and blue glasses that are used for three dimensional videos and you can enjoy the rides you have created in a very cool stereoscopic third dimension
  • There are thousands of other roller coaster fans that have downloaded this game and they are all a part of the online community.  This way you can interact with them and give and share ideas on your favorite roller coaster ideas
  • This app is frequently being updated so that you can get new features each and every time.  When the new iPhone comes out there will be a huge update with a ton of new features to be offered!


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and can currently be downloaded for only $0.99.

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