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Allstate Mobile App Review

Allstate Mobile App Review

by May 13, 2010
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Are you an Allstate customer?  With the digital revolution that is happening.  Its great to see companies such as Allstate and StateFarm make their services even easier than ever to use for their customers.  Allstate has just recently done this by creating an Allstate app.  What doe this app do?  Its quite simple really to understand as the app gives you access to your Allstate policy.  This is fantastic because if you ever have questions on  your policy or what it covers, you can simply just pull up your Allstate app and you will be able to see what is included in your policy.

The app by Allstate gives claim information and accident support on the go.  When you are out and about, you can find an agent near you by using the GPS tool.  The app sees where you are on the map, and then matches the closest Allstate agent near your location.  This is fantastic in case you have an emergency and need to talk to an agent face to face right away.  If you ever get in an accident, the accident support feature of the app will halp you to navigate the moments after an accident.  The step by step accident guidance takes you through all of the things you should do after a collision.  You also can capture all of the accident information at the scene and then e-mail it to yourself and your all state agent to ensure that you share the actual information from the scene with the people that need to use the information.  This makes it easier than ever to file your claim in case of an accident, fire, or anything else that would effect your insurance situation.


  • The app is very simplistic and has a very easy to use main screen with buttons to help you navigate
  • accident walk through to help you get the information that you need after an accident
  • The app has a find an agent feature which will show you the closest agent to your location
  • allows you to send information to your agent or yourself via email in case of an accident.

This app is very useful and is a great product that Allstate has created.  The app is very useful and very helpful if you ever get in an accident as an accident can be very stressful and hard to know what to do.


This app is FREE and has been given a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating!

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