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Ambiance app Review

Ambiance app Review

by March 18, 2010
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Ambiance is an iPhone app designed to improve your environment by creating an ambient atmosphere personalized to your needs.  There are hundreds of free sounds to choose from, which are exclusive to the Ambiance app.  You can download and listen to your choice of sounds, cycle through play-lists, customize your own sound mixes, choose your favorite relaxing sounds to fall asleep to or wake up to.  You can relax in a crowded airport or noisy coffee shop or even get more work done in a busy office by creating your own, personalized atmosphere. 

Since each person has different sounds which he or she responds to, this healthcare app has over 800 available sounds with new sounds being added all the time.  You don’t have to download them all, just get the ones you want for free.  All you need is a Wifi or other internet connection.  Create your own sound mixes, customized for you with individualized volume controls – the possibilities are endless, and you  can save an unlimited number of personalized mixes.  This iPhone app gives you the option to blend in your own music from iTunes to really make the atmosphere your own.

The Ambiance iPhone app  includes custom images that are attached to each sound, but you can replace these with your own camera or photo library photos.  Organize your sounds into groups or categories.  Wirelessly share sounds between devices. Cross-fade between sounds on your playlist in Cycle mode.  Design play-lists, and then use Shuffle to mix them up. Backup your sounds and mixes so you can restore them at any time.


  • 3 sample sounds included with app
  • Over 800 free Ambiance Exclusive sounds
  • Download only the sounds you want (need internet connection such as Wifi)
  • Mix in your own music from iTunes
  • Create play-lists
  • Cross-fade between sounds in Cycle mode
  • Shuffle to mix up your play-list
  • Wirelessly share sounds between devices
  • Backup and restore
  • Group your sounds into categories
  • Alarm mode aids in waking up and falling asleep gently
  • Constantly adding new sounds
  • Individually created sound mixes have individual volume controls
  • Use custom images to attach to sounds or use existing attached images
  • Rich, stereo sound


If you have ever wanted to change the atmosphere in a room, this healthcare app is an excellent choice.  You can use it through your headphones to help you focus while studying, or soothe the waiting room at the office with the gently running brook sound.  Currently rated 4+ out of 5 stars by iPhone app users who said it is well worth the$0.99 price tag.

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