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AnyMote Smart IR Remote App

AnyMote Smart IR Remote App

by Gary ParsonsApril 18, 2016

With more of society and social interaction being run and operated by the latest and greatest technology, why is it there are no universal remotes that stack up with the busy lives society leads? AnyMote, a smart IR remote that controls any device that operates on WiFi or infrared technology, makes the life of the general public much more simple. In layman’s terms, AnyMote works by controlling and taking executive control over household devices that operate using infrared or WiFi frameworks to send a signal. Tools such as alarm clocks, television remotes, cameras, and other technical devices within a home can be controlled with one easy to use device!

The AnyMote dashboard, the brains and control mechanism that gives utility to all of your devices, allows users to engage, adjust, customize and operate their electronics remotely. Customers can access this control panel through a beautifully designed application provided by AnyMote on their smart devices. This puts the power of a home into the hands of the owner — simply amazing.

AnyMote also comes equipped with software that allows users to connect to their Amazon Echo device in order to unlock voice commands and operations. Never again will you be left stuck pressing random buttons in an app — voice commands are accurate, easy and to the point. Simply saying ‘Alexa’ into your Amazon Echo will engage the voice command and perform the task that you’ve instructed AnyMote to perform. These commands can be something as simple as turning on your television, enabling a radio or even tasks as complicated as controlling the lights within a room.

The shining factor with the AnyMote system is that it is fully integrated and capable of understanding user’s personal preferences without technical expertise. The system can detect when an individual arrives at their home and will begin to set their home and electronics to the settings that the user enjoys. This can help tun on your favorite television show, control the temperature in the room, play your favorite music to inspire you and give you an overall sense of well-being.

If a customer is looking for a universal remote that not only controls various electronic devices but also improve their life in a positive manner, AnyMote is the solution they’ve been looking for. Seamlessly control various aspects of life and technical interactions with a remote control that works for and with the customers needs.

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