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Booooly! iPhone app Review

Booooly! iPhone app Review

by May 26, 2010
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The Booooly! iPhone app is a game where you will have to create combos from the little boooolies in order to blast them and get a higher score.  You will have to match three in a row of the same color to be able to blast them.  The animations are very realistic and the designs and expressions are pretty cute and friendly.  This is similar to a lot of other match three games and the bigger the combos that you get, the higher the score.


  • This is a fun little game for the iPhone that is very easy for anyone to pick up and play.  It doesn’t matter if your old or young or what gender you are, you will enjoy the action that is included in this game
  • This app allows you to open up your brain and use all of its capacity.  The smarter you are with the way that you play, the higher the score that you will be able to obtain
  • As the difficulty level goes up as you progress through the game you will find that tensions are heightened and you will be held to a higher standard as you play
  • There is a fun multiplayer mode that has been added to this version of the game and now you can play Booooly with either your friends or with strangers from across the world by getting on a wifi connection or over Bluetooth
  • This game is also fully integrated with the Open Feint system so that you can see the online leader boards.  This way you can see who is ranked the highest of all of the players in the world
  • There area  couple bonus missions that you can play in to help you to get an even higher score.  These rounds are great and you should take full advantage of them
  • The reason why it is called boooly is because if you get 4 or more boooolies in a row then they will explode and you will get major bonus points.  This combo is called a Booooly
  • There are 8 different colors of Boooolies and there are also bad ones like the interrupter to hinder you.  you can also use the bomb helper to spice up the game quite a bit
  • As you go throughout your day you will yourself frequently thinking about the characters and sounds of the game Booooly


This little iPhone app has been rated with 4 stars by multiple iPhone app users and is available for download at a low price of $0.99.

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