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Buka Android app Review

Buka Android app Review

by March 27, 2010

buka-mr-shinyThe Buka Android app game is a great way to enjoy a simple game that requires some quick finger skills.  The premise of the game is that you must guide Buka back to her happy place.  The only problem is that there are a variety of enemies and obstacles that are trying to stop her from doing that.  You must guide her and protect her by destroying all of the baddies and helping her eat the green pieces to keep up her health.

You will have to use shockwaves to push the bad guys away or tap to destroy enemies in the way.  This Android app uses a variety of different actions to utilize a variety of the phones different features.  You can use the accelerometer by tilting the phone to push enemies away or you can tap to destroy them.  You can also Long Press and drag across the screen in order to get around obstacles.  You will have to use a mixture of all of these things in order to get back to The Happy Place.

The game was created by Hexage and has shown that a simple game with some intuitive gameplay can be a real hit on the mobile market.  You have one simple mission but you must be creative in order to achieve it.  You will enjoy playing this game in your spare time and the replay value is increased by the ability to try and achieve high scores.  The scoring is based on how accurately you kill the enemies, how many of them that you actually kill, and also the amount of healthy green pieces that you have Buka eat along the way.


  • Drag the screen, press for an extended period of time, tap on the screen, or tilt the phone in order to help Buka avoid enemies and get back to her Happy Place
  • There are green pieces that Buka can eat alon her journey in order to preserve health and up the point score
  • Buka bruises if you do not protect her properly along the way
  • Points are given out based on accuracy, quantity of baddies destroyed, and also the amount of green pieces that are consumed


Although it is a very simple idea, the game is addictive and you will enjoy playing it.  You just need to get past the cutesy exterior of the game to really enjoy the features that are included.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and there is currently a free download that you can get to try out the game.

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