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Caller ID by WhitePages Android app Review

Caller ID by WhitePages Android app Review

by April 2, 2010

calleridThe Caller ID by WhitePages Android app is a great way for you to be able to screen your calls and make sure that only people you know get through to you.  The app will ID anyone that is registered with the WhitePages, including a lot of different businesses, including some telemarketers.  You can even find additional information including addresses and even step by step directions on Google Maps for how to get there.

When you first download the app you get a full six months of service that includes of 600 million different listings of other people’s numbers.  You can also use search features to find local businesses and also information for individuals.  You can even use the reverse lookup function to find other people’s unknown numbers.  You will need either a 3G or WiFi network in order to get the instant ID.  The number’s ID usually shows up after about two to four rings and then you can decide whether or not to pick up the call.

Never answer unknown phone calls again!  Get the Caller ID by WhitePages Android app today!


  • The nice part about this app is that you can see people’s caller ID’s when they call into your phone.  This allows you to screen any calls that you don’t want to get from people
  • It even has the ability to get the ID’s for some unknown callers and also a variety of different telemarketers
  • Any caller that is identified in the database put out by WhitePages will show up on the caller ID
  • This app also gives you some additional information including addresses and directions on how to get there from Google Maps
  • You can also use the WhitePages app to search for businesses, individuals, and even perform the reverse lookup technique to find out people’s information
  • You can also use the shade notifications from Android when using the app
  • It usually takes about two to four rings before the app can identify who the caller is and give you information about it


This app would be a whole lot better if more numbers were registered with the WhitePages but the sad truth is they just aren’t.  Most cell phones can’t be found on the caller ID, and even some landlines won’t be recognized.  If you work with a lot of well established families and businesses then this might be worth trying out, but otherwise it may not ID enough numbers to seem valuable to you.  Also, the app does quite a number on your battery and will drain it much quicker if you have it on all of the time.

Voted 3.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently comes with a free trial but then is $6.99 after six months.

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