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Carcassonne iPhone App Review

Carcassonne iPhone App Review

by June 16, 2010

Do you like to play games?  Most people enjoy a game of cards or pulling out the board games to play with friends and family.  These games keep people interested and help them to have fun with people that they enjoy.  Well with the modern technology of today, many of these same lovable games that are classics are available for you iphone device to play. One such game that just hit the iphone app shelves this week is the board game called Carcassonne.

For those of you who don’t know what the game of Carcassonne entails, it is an award winning board game that you can play with friends, family, or any other board game enthusiast.  The whole point of the game is to build a medieval landscape and claim landmarks with your followers and score point.  This game allows each player to have a plethora of play styles and strategies, and if you love social gaming, you will love the Carcassonne game for the iPhone.  The game also has a very strong multiplayer mode which allows players to connect to live games online and play with a real opponent with ease.  This makes it perfect if there are not people around to play the game with you as you can just pull up your phone and play the game with anyone you want to online.


  • Official Carcassome game with the original artwork
  • 8 different AI players
  • internet multiplayer with push notifications
  • local network play on wifi and bluetooth
  • there is also a unique solitaire mode
  • the game is available in english and german
  • online and offline ranking
  • comprehensive in-game manual
  • tutorials with voice acting
  • compete for the best score in solitaire game of the week
  • chat function for internet and local network games
  • invite friends to play in-game or via email

While this game has not hit the ipad shelves yet, the developers have made an official statement saying that they are working on an ipad version of the game as we speak.  The functionality of having multiplayer capability is huge as many people don’t have people right around them to play the games they want.  Being able to play online is a very cool feature to have for this board game as the player can select games that are being played online, or start their own games to play with friends and family.


This app costs $4.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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