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Castle Smasher iPhone app Review

Castle Smasher iPhone app Review

by June 29, 2010
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In the Castle Smasher iPhone app you will have to set up your catapults and launch some huge boulders onto your opponents fortresses to be able to destroy the kingdom and become conqueror.   This is the newest version of the game and it has completely been updated and has all of the good elements of the original with enhancements to make it better.  You will have to move from castle to castle and plunder in order to rescue prisoners and increase your overall wealth.


  • One of the nice things about this game is the amount of variety that it offers you.  You will be able to play in three different game modes that each will offer different challenges and objectives
  • These three game modes include the challenges game mode, the arcade game mode, and also the target practice game mode
  • The challenges game mode is a brand new mode where you can play in over 5o different levels.  This is great because there are a lot of different challenges to tackle
  • The Arcade mode is also a lot of fun an this is the classic game mode for the Castle Smasher app
  • Last of all is the Target Practice mode where you will be able to play in a bunch of levels that have been randomly generated so that you can replay the game over and over again
  • As you get farther in the game you will have the opportunity to upgrade your boulders so that they do much more damage on the castles that you are trying to destroy
  • Each of the castles that you will encounter are stacked with all kinds of treasures and wealth.  You will also get a bunch of bonus items as you loot and plunder the castle
  • You can also free the prisoners that are located in the castles that you smash and once they are free they will join your army and increase your numbers
  • The controls in the game are pretty solid and you will have an easy time learning how to use them
  • There are also some global leader boards that you can check out and they also have support for them
  • This is not only a fun game but it is also a Collector’s icon from Donut Games


This app has been given a rating of 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently can be downloaded off of the app market for only $0.99.

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