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Cestos app Review

Cestos app Review

by March 14, 2010

Cestos Android app is one of the best multi-player games available on the Android!  You can play against anyone at anytime of the day.  As you beat your opponents you can gain experience, customize your characters, unlock new rewards and achievements,  and spend time with your peers.  The key is to be the last one out of the game to win.  This app was created by Chicken Brick Studios and has a very large network of online players so that up to four different people can all be playing at once.

One of the fun parts about the Cestos gaming app is that as you win more and more games you will be able to customize your avatar.  This is a fun way to upgrade your character, and it will drive you to win more an more games so that you can add to your avatar.

When you first start out in Cestos, you might be a little confused.  It is actually very simple to play, and is very addictive.  The point of the game is to use your marble to knock your opponents out into open space.  As you press down on your marble it shows the direction it is going to travel, and also how fast it is going to travel.  You have a small amount of time that is given to you to let you set up each of your attacks.  The game adds to the risk factor once you have made your move because it replaces your marble with a land mine that can explode and potentially knock your own marble out into open space.  Strategically place your moves and be the last one standing on the board to win.

There are some other modes you can participate in, including the Black Hole Mode, the Stoplight Mode, the Speed Mode, and the Minefield Mode.  Each has different settings and allows for new obstacles and challenges.


  • One of the best multi-player games on the Android, can have 2-4 players playing at a time
  • Intuitive gameplay and easy to control
  • As you win matches, you can customize your avatar
  • Has a chat function where you can talk to your friends or other competitors
  • Black Hole Mode where you have 2 players and you work to push your opponent into the pit
  • Stoplight Mode where there are three players and lights come up to show you where the pit will open
  • Minefield Mode where there are no pits but land mines appear after a player takes his turn.  Five land mines will destroy your marble
  • Speedball mode is with 2 players and is a speed fest to make you work harder and quicker


Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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