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Chicisimo Outfit Planner App Review

Chicisimo Outfit Planner App Review

by Gary ParsonsAugust 2, 2016
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Plenty individuals have an incredibly busy lifestyle as it is, so it never helps to have something extra to worry about, such as choosing what to wear for the day or a special occasion. The Chicisimo Outfit Planner for Android devices makes decision time much more efficient, because it draws ideas and outfits from a large clothing databases and matches items up to look stunning. With the app, the user can discover new ideas for creating the perfect outfit, as well as organizing and favoriting great outfits that have already been created before. With some of the biggest names in the industry on file and countless clothing types, the app’s collection of outfit ideas will give the user something new to wear every day of the year if desired.

App Features

The Chicisimo Outfit Planner app is a personalized experience above all else. It is designed to be completely user-friendly and only includes the best ideas that match an individual’s fashion preference. By simply inputting the different type of clothes and accessories that are owned, the outfit planner can generate custom ideas and great new styles based on what is already in the closet. Other users of the app with similar styles can upload and share their own outfits in the large database of ideas, so a new outfit from another fashionable member of the community is always available. Ideas found that have been shared can be selected and instantly applied to one’s personal clothing selection on hand.

Although the app is great for creating outfits from clothing that someone has, it can go beyond that and create any type of from major brands and retailers. There are over 10,000 brands featured on the app so the possibilities are limitless in terms of finding a new outfit to buy. The outfits can also be adjusted based on the occasion. Whether a formal work outfit is desired for the next weekday or casual clothing is needed for a relaxing night out in a low-key setting, the app can factor in these parameters and create the best clothing match that looks amazing. Different search ideas are numerous and includes things like what to wear with a pair of black jeans, or what goes together best when wearing either heels or flat shoes.

Stored Info Makes Dressing Easier

Chicisimo Outfit Planner bases its features and data on the outfit of the day, and once that perfect outfit has been found the combination is saved on the user’s personal profile. This same process takes place each day the app is used to figure out a clothing idea. The result is saved ideas on every type of outfit for the rest of the year. Instead of relying on memory to decide what goes with what, the app eliminates any guesswork and offers a simplified resource to remind the user of the best outfits worn throughout the weeks and months. This is great for those seasonal changes where one part of the wardrobe is bound to get more attention than the others.

User Community and Feedback

The various features available make Chicisimo Outfit Planner for Android an excellent choice as a fashion assistant, but it really stands out from the rest because of its supportive community of users. Everyone has the opportunity to share their outfit ideas and styles, making the community a strong group of creative individuals who love fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. The developers of the app appreciate user comments and ideas on how to improve the features and functions, so they offer a dedicated e-mail support address that anyone can contact to communicate.

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