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Cirque Du Soleil iPhone App Review

Cirque Du Soleil iPhone App Review

by June 16, 2010

cirqueWhen it comes to eye popping shows that just keep you wanting more, Cirque Du Soleil has enthralled over 100 million spectators in 300 cities on five continents.  These shows offer some of the worlds most talented performers and just make your jaw drop to the floor in amazement.  Well if you want to see where these performers are and where they are performing, there is a new app that makes this easier than ever.  The app is called cirque du soleil for the iPhone and iPad.  This app is an interactive guide to give you on the go access to show info, videos, photos, show locations, special ticket promotions, ticket buying info, and even more!  You can earn badges for the shows you have seen and share you badges with your friends on Facebook or other social networking sites.  You can also play the Cirque Du Soleil game which is inspired by their various productions.

If you are heading to Vegas or any other large city that Circue du Soleil is frequently in, this app is your guide to the show.  This is also a great way to learn about shows so you can plan a vacation to visit these amazing spectacles and see them for your self.  With this app, there are several features to help you get into the world of these shows.


  • Shows – delve into the unique world of each production with show info, videos, location, and ticket buying info
  • Near me – the app allows you to see which productions are nearest your GPS location
  • Promotions – you can be the first to see special offers to get tickets and merchandise from your favorite show
  • About – learn more about the history and direction of the shows
  • Cirque Club – you can sign up to be a member by entering in your email address to get priority ticket sales, special offers, and exclusive content
  • Tracker – track and unlock badges when you see certain shows and put it on facebook and other networking sites
  • Game – play this interactive game which is inspired by the several productions that these guys perform.

All in all this is a great app if you want to learn more about these shows and want to learn more about where they are playing so you can go catch one of their shows.


This app is FREE on the iPhone App Store and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users.

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