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A Closer Look at the iOnRoad Driving App

A Closer Look at the iOnRoad Driving App

by Gary ParsonsApril 15, 2016

iOnRoad is the one app that allows you to drive safely on the road. Having the app is like having a driving partner. It enhances driving courtesy of advanced smart phones. The app utilizes the video camera of a smart phone, GPS, and sensors to detect the distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you in order to warn you of any dangers. If you have a vehicle, it is important to get the iOnRoad app.

The iOnRoad works in a simple way. First, you will need to download it to your Android enabled smart phone. You will require a windshield mount for your phone to position your phone well on the screen. An excellent view that allows the app to capture what is ahead enables it to work perfectly. Once you start your car, it takes less than a minute to fine-tune the app with its surroundings. iOnRoad’s view is accurate as it clearly figures out the lane that you are driving on with the green color. Additionally, it has the ability to figure out the speed at which you are driving, in real time.
When it comes to collision warning, the app notifies you of a possible crash from its position on the windshield. It gives you a warning as soon as you get too close to a vehicle. This warning gives you a chance to break and stay out of danger. It works using different colors, which are green, yellow and red. Green symbolizes a safe distance, yellow is a sign that you need to be careful and red is a warning for you to break. For headway monitoring, the app uses your camera to monitor the distance ahead and provides a continuous feedback in a display similar to HUD.

Additionally, iOnRoad offers warnings when you depart from your driving lane. The warning is important and can be a lifesaver, especially when you are distracted or drowsy. When it comes to speed sign detection, the app ensures that you see all the speed signs located along the road. With the speed sign detection, you can easily avoid the speeding tickets. iOnRoad also helps you to easily locate your car in a parking lot.

iOnRoad is compatible with several other navigation apps that include Google maps, Waze and Navigon. It protects you even when it is on the background and other apps are running. You should make iOnRoad your ultimate driving partner in order to have safe drives.

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