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CrossBomb Android App Review

CrossBomb Android App Review

by June 28, 2010

Cross-Bomb-in-Game-Play-2There were a few games that have lasted the test of time and have always remained popular and fun for a lot of people.  When people get bored at work, there are a few games that they play that came with their operating system.  The games that they play are either solitaire, or the classic game of minesweeper.  Minesweeper has been a staple game on the Microsoft OS platforms that have come out over the years.  Well if you are need of a Minesweeper fix, the new CrossBomb app for the Android platform will satisfy you.

This app comes in a free and purchasable version.  The main difference is that the paid version eliminates the ads that are included with the free version.  The whole point of CrossBomb is to find the hidden bombs on the game board as quickly as possible.  This game is Minesweeper in android form.  There are over 40 levels in this game which also allows you pick from 3 different difficulty levels to make the game even more interesting.  Conquering all 40 levels is quite the challenge as it is very difficult to do.


  • The object of the game is to try to guess where all of the mines are using some logic and the ability to eliminate probably guesses to reveal them and not get blown up.
  • The biggest twist that this app has against minesweeper is that instead of a full square grid, it uses a crosswords puzzle style of field.
  • This game also has 40 levels that can be played through
  • there are 3 main difficulty settings so you can push yourself to the limit with low, medium, and high difficulty levels
  • this classic spin off has been downloaded massive amounts of times as it is a huge hit amongst the android users out there

If you love the classic game of Minesweeper, this is a classic adaptation of the game that keeps it very fun and entertaining.  If you like guessing games, and if you like to have the ability to change the difficulty on a game, this app is for you.  The free version does have ads, but for $1.99, you can easily upgrade the app to remove the ads from the game so you can play your CrossBomb without any annoying ads on your screen.


This app is free to download, but costs $1.99 if you want the no ad version.  This app has also gotten 5 out of 5 stars!

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