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CrossRoads iPhone App Review

CrossRoads iPhone App Review

by May 16, 2010
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CrossRoadsCrossroads is a fun and addicting little game which is very simple to play.  Get ready to take some vehicles through a bunch of artistically created maps using some of the easiest controls available on the iphone as far as games go.  You will learn the rules of the game in less than a minute when playing this game, but we bet you will end up playing it for hours as it is simple and yet very challenging.  This game is a time management game in which your goal is to guide the vehicles to their destination.  As the time passes, more and more vehicle come onto the screen and the idea is to handle them without causing accidents.  each map includes special events that spice up the game and make it more challenging.  For example, you will need to shake the phone to chase away clouds and in another level you will have to burst a balloon that is covering your screen.

This is a fantastic game as it also has multiplayer functionality.  You can play with other players via WiFi connecion, or bluetooth.  You can send vehicles to your friend’s screens to make them lose.  There are already 3 add on maps that you can buy from the DLC store for the app, and the game is very fun to play!


  • simple and addictive game play
  • multiplayer allows up to 2 players via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • 4 amazing maps to play in the game
  • 3 new awesome maps available to download
  • post your scores using OpenFeint
  • great graphics and fun effects
  • good soundtrack during gameplay and great sound effects
  • listen to your own music on your iphone or iPod touch while playing the game
  • burst ballons, crush zombies, shake clouds and more interactive events that happen within different maps found on the game

This game is a fun yet simple way to waste some time and also having a game that you can come back to play is great as well.  This game is hard to make sure that all the cars get to where they are going without causing traffic accidents.  Being able to keep track of several cars is definitely a challenge, but a challenge that can be done and is alot of fun doing.  If you need a new game that is fun and addictive, this is a great one to choose!


This app costs $1.99 and has been given a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating.

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