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Crystal War iPhone app Review

Crystal War iPhone app Review

by June 29, 2010

crystal warThe Crystal War iPhone app is a cool new game to come out of GNC Interactive.  It is a real time simulation game that has some very unique and fun strategy element attached.  You will have to keep finding resources in order to be able to build up your defenses and defeat all of your enemies.  The game takes place in ancient times when the entire earth was kept in homeostasis by an enchanted crystal with holy powers.  Then on a certain day there was a man and an elf that were attacked by some evil goblins.  These monsters knew about the holy crystal’s power and how the balance of the world was hanging on them.  You will have to use the elf-human alliance in order to repel the attacks and maintain peace in the world.


  • In this fun little strategy game you will have to mine they crystals in order to be able to produce more units.  As you produce the units you will be able to defend against you enemies and also attack the chief of your opponents to try and quell the rebellion
  • There are also a lot of different magical spells that can be cast in the game to help improve your skills.  You will be able to have success in using divine chance to help you get through some big obstacles and problems
  • Once you kill your enemies you will also have the option to take their souls and then improve your magic skills.  This will help you to get your magical power back quicker
  • You can also get a bunch of new units by getting gold and wealth that you get after your battles.  Once you have obtained this gold you can use it to upgrade your units so that they are even stronger
  • Another type of unit that you should consider upgrading is that of your mine workers.  As you upgrade them their crystal skills will increase which will allow them to harvest it quicker and maker sure that you have more resources.  As you get more resources you will be much more comfortable every time that you take your units into battle because you know you can rebuild if your armies don’t dominate like they are supposed to do


This app has been reviewed by multiple users and has been given a rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and costs $2.99 to download onto your mobile phone.

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