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CUE iPhone App Review

CUE iPhone App Review

by April 27, 2010

tupacThe iPod and iPhone are music players in any respect.  While they do play music and videos, there is an app that can enhance the music player that your iPhone and iPod have.  The app has been designed to help spice up the music player on these devices and make them more fun and easy to use.

CUE is a music player and it is very attractive to look at and use.  The best feature that this app has to offer is the shuffling capability that if possesses.  CUE as the ability to shuffle a certain artist or music that is similar to the music that you want to listen to.  This is a feature that is not found in the standard music player that comes with the iPhone.  Another cool thing is if you have listened to a particular cue of music that you haven’t liked, you can just simply press a button an a whole new CUE can be created to switch up your listening to something that isn’t so bad.

With this app you can also post your sings to Twitter on the now playing list and CUE can find music for you even if you don’t tell it to.  CUE is an additional type of app made to add on to the existing music player in your iPhone or iPod.  Once you figure out how CUE works its easy to see why this app is so popular and why people really like it.


  • Allows you to create different CUE’s of music.
  • Cue can post your now listening list to Twitter and other social networking sites.
  • great shuffle options
  • ability to shuffle songs in the same genre and by artist

While the iPod and iPhone music players have plenty to offer, it is nice to get some additional features for the people that really use the music player on these devices. This will make road trips way more fun. It will also make exercising and other activities more fun when you involve this player because it will give you the music you are looking for and will keep things interesting with its shuffle capability.  All of the extra features of CUE make it alot of fun to use and it does look much prettier than the stock music player.


This app sells for $2.99 and have been rated 4 out of 5 stars by other iPhone and iPod users everywhere.

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