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Dawn of Discovery – Harbor iPhone app Review

Dawn of Discovery – Harbor iPhone app Review

by April 9, 2010
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Dawn of DiscoveryThe Dawn of Discovery – Harbor iPhone app takes everything that was good about the PC version and puts that onto your phone.  You will work with different merchants, traders, and salesmen in order to work out the best deals for your little harbor.  As you make smart business decisions you can increase your profitability and become the harbor master in the area.  You will have to learn time management among many other things in order to be successful in the game.  As you do, you will move through four different harbors and see what you can do to turn them all around.


  • The Dawn of Discovery – Harbor app has over four different harbors that you can play on including one in Venice, another in Corsair, one in the Orient, and the last one at the Occident
  • Each of these harbors can be upgraded as you progress through the game and complete tasks and challenges
  • There are 2 main game modes that you can participate in; the Story Mode as well as the Endless Mode
  • The Story Mode takes you through each harbor and lets you try to manage ships, transactions, and other businesses in order to make your harbor lively and profitable.  As you master one harbor you will move to the next to see if you can overcome the challenges there
  • The Endless Mode lets you play for as long as you want. This way you can do trades, help incoming and outgoing ships, and just build your harbor empire for as long as you want
  • The game has eight different trading merchants that you will deal with including the casual salesman or the in-your-face Venetian
  • The Story Mode has over 36 different missions that you can accomplish as you go through it all
  • There are over 16 different awards and achievements that you can get as you perform well in each harbor
  • There is also a local leaderboard option so you can see how you are doing on each app according to people in your area


This is actually a pretty fun game.  Somewhat similar to Sim city and other “tycoon” games, it takes the popular genre of building up cities and empires and puts an original spin on it.  You will love trying to make your harbor the best place it can be and bring in some serious cash for upgrades.  Worth the three bucks it costs to download.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $2.99 to download.

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