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Dodge Space iPhone App Review

Dodge Space iPhone App Review

by July 14, 2010

space dodgeThere are some games that have been created that are very easy to play such as chess or checkers, but they are also at the same time very challenging.  If you like fast and furious games that are easy to control, but are very challenging, there is a great new app that is available for the iphone.  The game we are talking about is called Space Dodge for the iphone or ipod touch.  This game provides a very hard hand to eye coordination challenge as you are a little space man that is trying to dodge the things that are out floating in  space that can harm you.

As a little space man, you are in earth’s obit.  While you are in space, there are items that are floating down to earth that can cause you a lot of harm.  The whole point of the game is to use your finger and drag the little space man out of harms way.  This sounds easy right?  WRONG!  The game is freaking hard and will keep you entertained for hours.  The game also has a huge replay factor as you always want to try and beat your last score.  In fact, its so hard that the developers hold the record at a 54 second flight time without dying.  So the question remains, how long can you last flying around in space trying to get out of harms way?


  • there are 4 direction movements that you can take to get your little guy out of the way of space junk, comets, and asteroids
  • you can fly, move, dodge tilt to survive as long as you can as the onslaught of space debris comes down to the earth.
  • The game is simple addictive and very fun to play as it takes some skill and patience.
  • The game has you tilt the phone to move your guy to get out of the way of the objects to live as long as possible.
  • This game works with the new iOS 4.0 software to make sure minimal problems occur while playing the game.

If you like space and danger, this is your game!  Get this game now as its very cheap as it’s new, and see if you can beat the times that the developers have set as a record.


This app costs $.99 cents as an introductory rate and has not yet been reviewed by customers yet as it is brand new, but we would give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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