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Doodle Wars – Modern Warfare! iPhone app Review

Doodle Wars – Modern Warfare! iPhone app Review

by July 8, 2010
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Imagine yourself in 4th grade, bored to death at what you are learning, all the while drawing a multitude of stick figures on your sketch paper and thinking up creative ways for them all to day.  In the Doodle Wars – Modern Warfare! iPhone app you will essentially get to bring your fourth grade artwork to life as you build units and kill other menacing stick figures.  You will have to use your money wisely and build quickly to stay alive.


  • One of the great parts about this Doodle game is that there are a ton of different types of enemies that you can kill. Each of the units has it’s own features and skills so you will have to find new ways to kill the new enemy units that come your way
  • The graphics in this game are all rendered nicely and you can tell that they have all been hand drawn.  This makes for a fun experience because it is as if your little sketch pad has come to life and you now get to control the characters that are on it
  • The sound effects in the game are also very impressive.  You will love the sounds that are made each time you shoot a gun and blow up an enemy unit.
  • There are a lot of different strategy games out right now for the iPhone.  This, however, is probably the fastest and smoothest interface for any strategy game that is out on the market right now
  • Not only is the interface extremely fast and smooth, it is also very easy to use.  You will love how user friendly it is and how easy you will be able to pick it up and master it.  This is just a great little strategy game for the iPhone


This is the next installment in the popular Doodle games that have been put out by Walnut JZ.  The fun thing about these games is just how simple they all are.  The graphics are easy on the eyes and they are fun because when you were a kid you probably spent hours drawing pictures of little stick men blowing each other up.  Now you can bring that fantasy to life and take these stick men through this wild war adventure and try and kill your enemies.  You will have a limited supply of money to use and you will have to pick your units wisely in order to defeat all of your oncoming enemies.

This iPhone app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars by people that have downloaded it and you can put it onto your phone for only $0.99.

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