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Drum Kit: As Seen On Billboards iPhone app Review

Drum Kit: As Seen On Billboards iPhone app Review

by April 15, 2010
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Have you ever been to a concert, seen the drummer go off on a solo and just wished you could rock out like that?  Drums keep the beat of any song and are the heart of most of the music that we hear today.  With the Drum Kit: As Seen On Billboards iPhone app you can now bring the drum set into the palm of your hand and learn how to play!  It doesn’t matter if you have been playing drums for years or if this is your first attempt, this app can suit everyone’s needs.  You can create your own sounds and beats and even record them to listen to later.  Once you have recorded the base track you can continue to add to it to make some killer beats.  If you want you can even listen to songs from your iTunes library and play along with it. This is the closest thing to playing the real drums without having to go out and buy yourself a brand new, expensive drum set of your own.  From the cymbals to the bass, you will get quality sound and the recording feature allows you to create your own mini masterpieces.


  • This little virtual drum set comes complete with 6 pieces.  This includes a snare, a bass,  4 toms, a hi-hat, the crash cymbal, the ride cymbal, and the splash cymbal
  • You can pick different themes to play with, including electronic, industrial, and acoustic sets
  • There are a total of five different kinds of kits.  These include the Rock set, the Hip Hop set, the Classic set, the Techno set, and the Dance set.  Look for other kit upgrades in the future
  • You can record tracks and then once you are done recording them you can go back to load and edit them
  • Add a variety of different layers on your songs to create some very original beats
  • There is a recording count-in feature as well
  • You can set the metronome to help you keep time as you are learning to work with the drum set.  Tap the BPM to set it or you can just do it manually
  • Play along with different songs from your iTunes library
  • You can create a double bass feature with the extra long bass drum touch area.  You just slide it back and forth to make the double bass fast
  • You can hit multiple drum heads at the same time
  • Once you hit a drum head you will get visual confirmation of it on the screen
  • The 16 bit stereo sounds were professionally recorded for this app


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99 to download.

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