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Dude Perfect 2 App Review

Dude Perfect 2 App Review

by March 13, 2016
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The cartoon graphic style of the game’s characters stays true to the atmosphere of the Dude Perfect channel on YouTube; goofy! Fun, crazy, silly and daring is how you will feel after playing through this game a few times. Once you are finished with all of the tutorials, the game demands that you show off your own Dude Perfect skill set! Good luck, because there are several different challenges that appear simple, but conceal a secret to success in each level. This game is a nod to the early puzzle games that allow the player to solve riddles while incorporating certain laws of physics into the game.

This game focuses on strategy a player must employ rather than speed or volume of tasks completed. This is refreshing because a player (likely a child) is willing to stick around longer rather than being solely frustrated over a lack of skill to keep up with game play. Furthermore, if you are looking for long drawn out levels that are difficult to complete, then this is not the game for you. Dude Perfect 2 pairs skill with strategy, incorporating unlock-able achievements that can also be bought to move the game along if a player becomes stuck or just wants to play like a pro from the beginning.

There is a seemingly endless span of challenges that the player can work through or just keep on playing a level that they like to try and beat their own high score before moving on.

The home screen does appear a little over crowded at first, but the user will soon realize that the clutter contains valuable tips, access to the game’s store along with several other well placed options. Compared to other similar games, the player will also realize that the clutter is useful rather than just a bunch of junk ads and duplicated links within the game that serve no real purpose.

To sum it up, this game is genuinely a lot of fun. Kids will love it as well as their parents. There is fun here for all ages. Dude Perfect has done a wonderful job of branding a safe product that is entertaining for the whole family.

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