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Dungeon Hunter iPhone app Review

Dungeon Hunter iPhone app Review

by March 25, 2010

dungeonhunterThe Dungeon Hunter iPhone app takes place in the Kingdom of Gothicus.  During this dark age of time an unknown evil was awakened and floods of evil hordes poured out over the land.  You take on a character of your choice (either a rogue, knight or mage) to venture out and rid the world of this hovering evil.  As you progress through your quest your memory will be enlightened about the horrible things that have happened and you will make your way all the way to the evil queen who is unrighteously ruling the kingdom.  This is the same queen that you once loved so the hurt is even that much more poignant.

This RPG takes place all in 3D graphics and has a real time combat scene.  You will gather an assortment of different weapons and armor as you travel and they will help to upgrade your character.  You will also gather experience points as you defeat enemies in battle and you can use these points to enhance different character skills.  This is one of the best RPG’s on the iPhone and will have you busy saving the world for hours on end.


  • The gameplay is very well done and emulates everything that is good about a hack ’em up style of play.  You have real time fights in this RPG and it keeps the action moving smoothly
  • There are a variety of different weapons that you can accumulate as you move through the game.  As you go into towns you can buy new weapons and armor from the merchants and they will enhance and upgrade your character
  • You can customize and create your very own character – You can pick either Rogue, Knight, or Mage
  • The Rogue class is more of an independent character who is very stealthy and a bit shady
  • The Knight is honorable and decent and has an intricate sword that he uses to destroy enemies
  • The Mage has the ability to use magic to heal himself and hurt his enemies
  • As you move along in the game you will help your character gain skills and knowledge and become more powerful.  You will gain experience points from your missions, battles, and achievements that you can distribute as you will
  • Takes place in a the huge environment of Gothicus
  • There are a variety of missions and quests to accomplish including killing enemies, protecting royalty, and finding unique items
  • You must find the 5 faeries in order to help you progress through your perilous journey


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently runs for around $4.99.

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