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Endomondo for Android Devices

Endomondo for Android Devices

by July 5, 2015
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Endomondo is a simple and well organized fitness application that is able to track numerous workouts. It can a very clean design and is customizable for a truly unique experience for each and every user. There are over 40 different physical activities that can be tracked, including walking, running, cycling, and swimming, each of which can be personally customized to fit into anyone’s life. The application can be run on any Android device as long as it has a 1.5 operating system or later. Endomondo tracks the duration, distance, speed and calories burned for each indicated workout. There is even an option that will give audio feedback on distance and pace for certain exercises, making the application more hands-free. Information from each workout is stored and can be enhanced with additional Bluetooth heart-rate software or wearable devices like the Fitbit, Pebble, Garmin and Jawbone . Endomondo can also be synced with other applications, such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.

Endomondo is free to download and has various motivational reminders to keep its users healthy and on track towards their goals. Users can set their goals based on a certain distance, amount of time, or set number of calories and Endomondo will give advice or encouragement to help those goals be kept. If goals are met there is even a chance for small prizes to be won. This application also connects users to one another which is yet another form of motivation. Friends that are added through Endomondo are able to chat with each other in real-time, comment on each other’s workouts, race against each other in similar workouts and share results.

Endomondo also has additional features for those who pay for the premium membership, which is just S2.50 USD a month. This membership can be purchased by each month or for a whole year through the in-app store, along with a few other items. Premium members are able to create training plans, it is almost like having a personal trainer that helps users through whatever physical goals they are trying to reach. Premium members also have the option of a more detailed heart-rate statistic chart which will show them if they are working to heard or not hard enough so they can find the optimal balance for their heart. Also, Endomondo premium members are able to use the application without any advertisements. For some people that alone is worth the small fee.

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