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Fan TV App Review

Fan TV App Review

by Gary ParsonsSeptember 1, 2016

There are always new, exciting shows and movies being released, and friends will be the first ones to recommend a series or film that absolutely must be watched. The Fan TV app for Android devices allows the user to find these titles from a massive list, detailing where to watch as well as when to watch. This particular app takes out the footwork involved in tracking down each movie or show, because the information is instantly available all in one central location. In addition, the app can learn what the user likes and introduce them to new programming that has been recommended by others. Traditional TV guides are no match for the comprehensive features offered by the Fan TV Android app.

App Features

The database of content currently on Fan TV numbers at over one million shows and movies. These titles are featured from over 40 different channels, services, and programs that offer the best and latest content. Once the user has found a new series or movie that peaks their interest, the app can also be used to find what services have the title and at what times during the week it can be watched. When each user finds their favorite shows, each one can be added to a personalized watchlist for easy and convenient organization. There is nothing worse than forgetting the dozens of recommendations made by friends, so the app lets the user store these programs instantly.

Since a daily schedule can change, it is easy to forget about showtimes and when to watch a program. The Fan TV app will solve this by sending notifications to a mobile device regarding when a show or movie is about to come on, or when the new season of a series has become available on a streaming service. Not only can friends recommend programs through this app, but every user can see the most critically-acclaimed content and choose based on that parameter as well. The app even allows for thorough search results on movies that are still in theaters, including the synopsis and reviews. Fan TV is the perfect companion for those who love film in all its modern-day formats.

Using Voice to Find the Best Shows

Fan TV has recently added an innovative new feature to its design that will get the most vocal users awfully excited. The app now includes Fan Voice, a search system that is used by talking instead of typing in keywords. Each user simply has to talk into the device as if they were having a conversation with someone else, and the app will use that information to pull up different movies and shows that match the criteria. This feature is linked to every entertainment source that is included in the standard app format, so the user has access to every bit of content with just their voice.

User Feedback and Reviews

A good bit of the Fan TV review system is based on what others think, so user feedback is important on the app in more ways than one. Friends and family can give their recommendations on the best shows and movies currently out, but the user also has the ability to see feedback from every app user about the best entertainment available. Fan TV is dedicated to providing users with a guide that makes watching programming as easy as possible, and the developers can be reached by e-mail with questions or ideas on how to improve the software and its content.

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