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FIFA 10 app Review

FIFA 10 app Review

by March 14, 2010

FIFA10EA Sports has a reputation of always putting out great soccer games.  This is definitely the case with FIFA 10 by EA Sports.  You can now play soccer from your mobile device anywhere in the world.  The game has a lot to offer in terms of features and gameplay as well.  First of all, there are over 30 leagues, 12,600 players, and 570 teams!  It’s almost like running a small country right from your phone!  Not only that, you can take your teams through 20 different cup titles and competitions.

There are a few different modes you can pick when playing FIFA 10.  You can play the “Be a PRO” mode, which lets you create your own character and track him through the season and improve his skills.  This allows you to customize how he looks and what his strengths and weaknesses will be.  This adds a whole new aspect to the game and will keep you interested for hours.

The accelerometer and touchscreen work well together to bring you a completely user friendly interface.  You can pull off mad tricks with your players all by tilting and dragging your finger over the phone.  Other than that, you can also play in stadiums from England to Brazil and hear the loud buzz of the crowd.  There are six different camera angles that you can view the game from, so you have a lot of options to be able to control

Overall, this game is the best soccer adaption on the iPhone so far.  Get your game on and download FIFA 10 today!


  • There are over 30 different leagues to choose from
  • There are 12,620 players that are available from around all over the world
  • There are 20 different licensed tournaments and competitions to play in
  • You can create your own superstar players.  You can track his stats throughout the season and improve his skills as you play against other top teams in the world
  • A variety of different soccer moves available including passing, crosses, rifle shots, dribbling maneuvers and much more
  • Use the touchscreen and accelerometer to enhance gameplay and spice up your tricks
  • A variety of different stadiums you can play in and zoom features allow you to pan the venue
  • There are team and goal celebration, the animation is solid
  • 6 different camera angles to choose from
  • 3D graphics throughout the entire game
  • Can access WiFi in order to play against other people
  • Loads fast, and easy to pick up and play


EA Sports has done it again.  Another quality soccer game on another quality gaming system.  If you love soccer then this iPhone app is a must-have.  There are so many different teams and players to choose from that you could play for days before you utilized all the players that have been created.  It is packed with features and customizable characters.  One of the best sports apps out there right now for the iPhone.  5 bucks is cheap for all that you get with this amazing app.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and costs $4.99 to download.

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