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Firefly App for Apple – See What Your Nearby Friends Are Up To

Firefly App for Apple – See What Your Nearby Friends Are Up To

by March 16, 2016
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The Firefly app for Apple adds a new, fun flair to social media and networking. Brought to you by Drop, Inc. this app turns you into a social firefly. Turn on your light, and nearby fireflies will be able to “see” you, turn your light off and they will be kept in the dark.

A steady feed of status updates allows you to chat or plan to meetup, or maybe just drop in on a group of fellow fireflies. Find out just how good that cafe down the street is from people who are actually there right in the moment, or see where the crowd is gathering on a night out. A great way to check out new areas of town (or new places when you are out of town), you can get recommendations in real time, right in whatever neighborhood you find yourself in.

The app also lets you keep in touch with your own local friends. Firefly will tell you exactly how close your friends are, but not only that, it will help keep you updated on what they are up to. Automatic location sharing tells you if a friend is at a nearby restaurant, or hanging out at the local park. Getting out of class and have some time to kill on campus? Turn on your light and see if your friends are available. Downtown for a night out? Turn on your light and see where everyone is deciding to meet up. Have a little time to kill at work? Take a look and see who is in your area – maybe you can meet up for lunch.

A good way not only to keep in touch with friends, but to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening nearby, Firefly is a fun new spin on social media. Turning your light off protects your privacy, and turning it on keeps you informed of the world around you – the world that is right there at your fingertips. A great solution to wading through other social media looking for available friends, this app cuts out all your friends and family living elsewhere and tells you who is around you, which is great when you just want to grab dinner or a coffee with someone nearby, or just see what is happening in the space around you.

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