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Flipagram App Review

Flipagram App Review

by June 15, 2016

You don’t have to be a movie director to create a slideshow with your own pictures if you have Flipagram. This is an easy app to use, and there are various components that can turn ordinary pictures into works of art.

This is an app that many older children and teenagers use on a regular basis. They see is as a way to collaborate several images to make a video that they can put on social media. Some adults will use the app to make a slideshow of a special event, such as a wedding or a birthday party. It’s a good tool to have if you take a lot of pictures or if you have family and friends who live far away and don’t get to see you in person.

You can easily tell your story in any way that you imagine. There are small additions, such as pictures and sounds, that can be added to your video before it’s posted. The selection of sounds isn’t as large as other apps, but there are enough that you can get good vibes off of almost any kind of slideshow created. There are ways that you can share your story in a private manner so that everyone doesn’t see your personal images. You can also submit your creation to the Flipagram company as they are always looking for examples to place on the website.

There are several channels to explore when you visit the app as well as tags that are trending with actors and musicians. You can also follow various celebrities and musicians, keeping track of the videos that they post. The process is simple with Flipagram as all you have to do is gather the pictures that you want to use in your creation and put them together in a way that you would like them to be displayed. Some people like to put them in order in regards to when they were taken while others simply want to make a movie about their life with random pictures placed here and there. This is an easy way to capture a large event if you don’t want to put all of the pictures in an album. The music that you choose will only enhance the images. You can set the speed of how the images flip during the movie. Special occasions are often set to a slower speed while shorter videos that only feature a few snapshots go a little faster.

One of the benefits of Flipagram is that you can add your own narration. There are filters that can be added to completely change the look of pictures. An example is turning a color imaged into one that is black and white. New features are faster and allow for more music selections.

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