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by September 19, 2015
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Access a huge compilation of recipes and grocery store deals instantly with’s app. Stay organized with the help of a recipe box, meal planning capability, and instant access to savings at local grocery stores.

Plan Meals

It is easy to develop customized meal plans to help save both time and money with this convenient app. Meal plans, as well as shopping lists, can be effortlessly shared among multiple devices. Find over one-half million reviewed recipes which can be imported from over thirty websites. Use this app to save recipes in a personalized recipe box and sync them on’s web page.

It is easy to construct menus with this app. A grocery list is essential to saving both time and money. Get in and out of the grocery store easily with the help of this app. Organize your meal plan by day with the help of a handy calendar. Create multiple shopping lists which are organized by grocery department. Instantly develop a shopping list with ingredients for each recipe.

Save Money

It is easy to stick to a budget with the Food app. You can compare local grocery store sales. It is very easy to find fresh ways to use food already in your pantry with the app. The app can be used to discover new recipes that feature ingredients you already have at home. This is a very useful feature that helps you save on grocery bills and reduces your food waste.

Find Recipes for the Whole Family

It is simple to use this app to select recipes that meet the whole family’s food preferences and dietary requirements. Anyone in the family have an intolerance to gluten? Easily choose recipes and meals that are gluten free, low carbohydrate, low fat, low sodium, or vegetarian. It is no trouble at all to locate recipes for Diabetic and other special need diets using’s app.

Using this app, you will have all that you need to plan, organize and create interesting meals every day of the week.

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