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George A. Romero’s App of the Dead iPhone App Review

George A. Romero’s App of the Dead iPhone App Review

by June 16, 2010

deadMany people are anticipating the latest feature from George A. Romero’s survival of the dead, which is hitting theaters soon.  Because so many people are looking forward to this next installment, there has been an app created which cn make you the director, allowing you to turn your friends and family into the most twisted, ghoulish zombies around.  The app is called George A Romero’s App of the Dead for the iPhone and iPad.

The game allows you to take pictures or import photos from existing galleries and bring them to zombie status with gross scars and bloody wounds.  The really cool thing about this app is that you can take pictures and then easily and quickly turn them into disgusting zombie like pictures.  Once you have effectively turned your friends and families photos into zombies, you can then put them down the good old fashioned way.  The App allows you to enter a first person shooter mode to shoot your zombies and make them more dead than they look.  You can then save the photos of the carnage and make them part of your own undead slide show to show your friends and family what you would do to them if they were actually a zombie roaming around causing havoc.


  • you can use the app to take pictures of your friends, or you can import pictures of them from the photo gallery
  • you can then add up to over 20 zombie features, including open wounds, weapons, and a gallery of deformed eyes and mouths
  • There is a custom built in engine that allows you to shoot the zombies you just created, which has a great looking blood splatter
  • you can then save the dead zombies that you just killed to your iphone  or email them to friends to show them what you would do to them if  they were in reality zombies

This is a fun app to switch things up by using your camera on your phone in a very different way.  Its fun to be able to quickly take a photo of your friend that you are with and turn them into a zombie.  Then you can easily take your rage out on them on your phone and shoot them up and make sure that their zombie self is good and dead.  You can then remember this moment with a saved picture.


This app costs $1.99 and has been given 3 out of 5 stars.

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