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Golf Island App Review

Golf Island App Review

by July 7, 2016

Golf island is a simple but entertaining app brought to you by independent developer Adam Kenny. This game centers around a narrative that is easy enough to grasp. You’re a gold ball named Gary looking for some rest and relaxation time after a hard day’s work on the green! This isn’t exactly easy after you realize that the money earned from being hit around a golf course all day is now gone. This game depends upon the ability of the player to aim the ball into close spaces! While the plot arc of the story is not typical, any golf fan will enjoy this game. As long as you can get used to controlling the ball across whatever platform is being used, it is possible to master this game quickly.

The game follows Gary as he tries to find missing coins. The goal is to find all 18. There are some pitfalls to this quest. Gary cannot swim and is surrounded by potential pitfalls. Of course, after all of the coins are found it is possible for the player to attempt to beat their own goal. While the graphics are not the sleekest, the gameplay is interesting due to the changing landscape design. Gold Island is a good game for kids as well as adults. Gold island is not competitive; this is a 1 player game that challenges users to aim well and strategize. The tough part is remembering what sites have been plumbed before. You can waste a lot of time looking for coins in spots that look similar to the spots which have previously been looked at! The only potential lacking factor may be in the lack of bonus rounds. Although you can beat your high score, there are no opportunities to double your points through bonus rounds.

This fun twist on the classic golf game comes without ads. As if this wasn’t enough to convince you to consider playing, it is also free. Although the free version will not receive updates, it is always available in newer versions through google play. Many reviews online are positive, players reporting that the app is a simple and fun experience. This app is available for android, iPhone, and other portable devices. The game currently has around 50,000 installations and the number will likely grow. This is an example of an app created by an independent developer of pretty high quality. Hopefully, we will see more from Mr. Kenny in the future!

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