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Google Goggles Android app Review

Google Goggles Android app Review

by April 2, 2010

googlegogglesThe Google Goggles Android app is a visual searching app that is pretty ingenious.  All you do is you take a picture of whatever you want to search and Google will analyze the picture and send you back results that are as close as it can find.  Google also does extra work for you by sending you nearby businesses that you can go find to purchase the item that you are looking for.  This app is great for being able to recognize artwork, books, movies, text, locations, landmarks and so much more.

It is as simple as taking a picture, waiting a few minutes, and finding information on the object.  This is a fun app and you will find yourself taking pictures of all kinds of things trying to find out if Google can identify it.  This is one of the best Android apps out on the mobile market today and is totally worth downloading.


  • When you first open up the app you have the option to watch an in-depth tutorial that will help you understand better how to use the app and make it work more accurately
  • You can also decide if you want the app to save your search history so that you can go back and look through previous searches.  Supposedly this also allows Google to help you with future searches
  • Once you have made these two simple choices the app will take you to the camera screen where you can take pictures of the objects you want to search
  • The app works best with searches of artwork, products, text, barcodes,  locations, books, movies, logos, contact information, landmarks, and even businessses
  • The app does not accurately find information on animals, furniture, and people themselves
  • Once the app pulls up the search information that it found you can scroll through different websites and also see similar suggestions to the thing that you were trying to search
  • The better the lighting when you take the picture, the more accurate the app can be in searching for it.


Overall, this is a super cool app. It is incredible the kinds of apps that Google has been able to put out on the Android.  They have some incredible technology associated with their huge search engine and they are utilizing it and putting it in the hands of consumers.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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