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Google Voice Android app Review

Google Voice Android app Review

by April 1, 2010

googlevoiceThe Google Voice Android app allows you to make calls as well as send SMS with your phone number attached.  This is a fun tool because you can listen to all of your voicemails as well as read them in a text format. This service is only available to those people that live in the U.S. and can be a great tool to let you find out important voicemail information without having to go through all of your different messages.  You can just pull up the Google Voice app and read the transcript for what was said on your voicemail.  Although it isn’t always 100% accurate it does a pretty good job of getting the overall idea of the message across.

The technology that backs the Google Voice Android app is very impressive and is fairly all-inclusive.  It will give you a Google voice number as well as receive and send text messages over SMS.  The great part about the account with Google Voice is that it can be accessed while online and you can handle all of your messaging needs right from the app.  You can also create custom greetings on your voicemail for anyone that calls and also block callers that you don’t recognize.  The Google Voice number can also record conversations, transcribe the voicemail and send it to email, notify you of any Android or SMS messages, and dial any local numbers.

This is a very smart app to help people get more organized and make the most of their Android phone.  Look into the many other features of Google Voice and see how it can help convenience you.


  • You will have the option of picking a Google Voice number and it will be associated right to your phone and not another carrier network
  • This app allows you to do whatever you want with your SMS text messages including the typical send and receive functions
  • The app will transcribe all of you voicemails for free so you can just open them up and read them if you don’t want to go through and listen to all of them
  • There are a variety of other features available as you get more in depth with the app
  • Only available in the U.S. and you have to receive an invite in order to get on board with other users


Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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