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Hardest Game Ever 2 App Review

Hardest Game Ever 2 App Review

by April 10, 2015


The Hardest Game Ever 2 is somewhat of a sequel to the original app, Toughest Game Ever. Developed by Orangenose Studios, the app has over 10 million downloads on the Android market. It really tests your reflexes with the fast-paced action of completing simple, yet difficult tasks. After playing only ten minutes of this mind-boggling game, you will understand that it is the hardest game ever! Although it is very tough, cheats are available to pass levels, but there is no fun in trying to cheat the hardest game ever. Most games on the market are all boring and you will quickly become burnt out after a few days of gameplay. Not with this, Orangenose Studios is always updating content to keep you playing and forever attempting to beat the hardest game ever!


The game is all a large game of mini-games. Starting off, there are two types of games to play. Original and Extreme. Original is what most people are geared towards since it is tough. But for the elite players, Extreme is for you. Things will move a lot faster and you will have less time to complete the goal. Original is simple. Pass three stages with a grade of S to unlock the Normal difficulty (you start off on Easy difficulty, even though it is not easy whatsoever). You are graded with a letter system, grades are S, A, B, C, D, E, F. F is failing and S is passing. The first mini-game is called, “Stop Tickling Me”. A foot is placed in the middle of the screen with three different colors: red, yellow, and blue. The goal is to tickle the foot as fast as possible with about five seconds to do so. While doing this, the foot moves to another color and you have to tap the square box that it resides in.

Overall Impression

Overall, the Hardest Game Ever 2, is no game to just play and not necessarily pay attention to. Your reflexes after playing this game for a few hours will be put to the test, but improve over time. Soon you will be able to defeat it. On a scale of 1-5, I would have to give this app two different ratings. One rating for the development of the game and the updates the developers put out. And another rating for the gameplay. For the development, H.G.E.2 is rated 5/5! Very well put together and the developers kept in mind, throughout putting it together, to keep the player’s attention while playing. And the second rating is the gameplay, and that would have to be another 5/5. The mini-games are fun, addictive, and engaging. Although if you could give a rating of how ticked off you get when failing level after level after level, 5/5 (or would that be1/5?). Enjoy the game and try not to break your device when playing. Orangenose Studios is not responsible for damaged phones!

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