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Harry Potter: Spells iPhone app Review

Harry Potter: Spells iPhone app Review

by May 18, 2010
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In the Harry Potter: Spells iPhone app you will have the opportunity to turn your mobile device into a dreamworld of magic!  You can use your phone to play in the single player mode and learn to master spells, or you can challenge a friend that also has the app and cast spells at each other in real time.  There are 17 different spells to learn and you can use one of two different control schemes in order to control your wand.


  • In this Harry Potter app there are two different control schemes that you can use to cast spells throughout the game.  The easiest to use is the touch screen mode where all you have to do is draw the shapes on the screen of the phone to be able to cast your spells.
  • The second control scheme is the Motion control and in this mode you will use your mobile device to draw different shapes vertically in the air.  Simply move it in the right direction and it will cast the spell
  • There are over 17 different spells that you can learn and unleash in the app.  You can uses spells like STUPEFY to temporarily stun your enemy or you can even use the EXPELLIARMUS spell to disarm your opponent
  • This edition of the app also includes three brand new spells including the ORCHIDEOUS, SECTUMSEMPRA (which is a pretty violent spell), and SERPENSORTIA spell
  • The dueling action in this game is extremely fun and you will love that you can play against you friends and other people that own the app
  • There is a single player mode where you can conjure up spells that fit into one of three different difficulty levels.  Try and become the spell master in your spare time
  • There is also a multiplayer mode that you can participate in that allows you to take your friends and challenge them to a duel  You will have to cast your spells in real time against each other to see who is quicker
  • This game offers an experience that is truly authentic to the Harry Potter universe.  You will be able to visit Ollivanders wand shop as well as get sorted by the sorting hat so you know what house you are in
  • The more you practice in this app the better you will get at casting the spells.  There are some great tutorials to help you get trained and educated on your spell book.  You can also find out your grades for each spell that you cast and also unlock other spells as you go
  • You can see where you rank among other young witches and wizards and also see your wins and losses and how they pertain to your house cup rankings
  • You can also use social networking sites like Facebook to post your wizard spells and let your friends see all of your impressive stats


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $2.99 to download.

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