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HD Camera – 7.0 Mega Pixel iPhone app Review

HD Camera – 7.0 Mega Pixel iPhone app Review

by April 27, 2010

HD Camera1The camera on the iPhone isn’t bad but it isn’t great either.  With the HD Camera – 7.0 Mega Pixel iPhone app you can help make your camera experience that much better.  This app will let you take better pictures and it also comes with a real time slider for digital zoom so that you can zoom in and out and still retain incredible quality and resolution.  This app has been specially made to solve any of the quality problems that happen when you use the standard zoom function on your phone.


  • There are a few key advantages to this app over the other zoom related applications that are out on the market today
  • This app has much better quality image then most other apps because it is all in high definition
  • The resolution of each of the images that you zoom in on will have a much bigger output which also helps to clarify the images that you are looking at
  • This app also performs much better than any of its competitors and makes zooming much easier on any photo
  • You have a lot of freedom with your zoom options, you can use up to 4x digital zoom in order to focus on a certain part of each picture
  • The camera app also has zoom in real time as well as a preview for the camera to also zoom back out
  • This app also has a fix to eliminate noise and blur in any image
  • You can decide to keep the resolution of the picture right where it is or you can decide to to upscale the resolution so that it is much higher and much more crisp


This zooming app is better than a lot of other apps and it will feel like you have a really expensive camera lens on your iPhone that is letting you see images and objects up close at such a high resolution.  You will love the zoom options as well as the ability to see the camera preview where you can zoom in and out.  If you compare it with standard zoom lenses you will really see the improvement in quality.  If you use your camera phone a lot then this app will be a great companion for you.

Voted 5 stars by iPhone app users who have tried out the app.  This game costs $0.99 to download off of the iTunes store.

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