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Infect Them All: Zombies iPhone app Review

Infect Them All: Zombies iPhone app Review

by July 12, 2010
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In the Infection: Zombies iPhone app you will be able to catch people and eat and infect them.  The controls for the game are very simple to use and offers some variety for people that want to use the gyro.  There are a lot of different dynamics that come into play as you are attacking your enemies and creating more zombies.


  • This game is great because you get to play as zombies trying to take over the world!  You will be able to play as three different kinds of zombies throughout the game
  • You will also come across a wide variety of enemies as well.  There are over 20 different types of enemy units that will attack you that you will have to eat in order to get more powerful
  • You can go for solo attacks or you can team up with other zombies to make your attacks more effective.  You can get with ten other zombies and form a melee attack
  • There is a large scale so you can actually view up to 150 different enemies all at one time.  This means that there is going to be a lot going on in each and every screen
  • As you go through the game you will find that you have up to 7 different abilities that you can use and they can all be upgraded.  There are also 30 levels that you can play in
  • There are also 50 different stages for the campaign mode.  This means there will be a lot of different variety and new challenges all the time
  • There are also a few different modes of game play.  You can play in the survival mode and just see how long you can last without being killed by other powerful humans
  • There is also a blitz mode that you can access which allows you to try and get as many points as you can in the quickest amount of time.  You want to get the highest score possible
  • This app is also integrated with Open Feint so you will have access to different high scores and achievements as you keep on progressing
  • There are two main ways to use the controls.  You can access either the pad or the gyro sensor that is available
  • The sound and the voice overs are all original and pretty comical
  • The artwork and graphics are fun and well done


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users.  It currently can be downloaded onto your mobile phone for only $0.99.

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