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JibJab Messages for iPhone

JibJab Messages for iPhone

by August 19, 2015
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JibJab, which may just be the funniest most entertaining app currently available, is now available in an Apple app. JibJab began being widely recognized in 2004 and only continues to grab the attention of many and is growing steadily in popularity.

JibJab traditionally allows you to take a picture or choose pictures out of your personal collection of photos to place them inside characters which will be featured in a fun humorous video. These videos are often created featuring popular music videos or holiday themes. They’re meant to be funny and are, indeed, hilarious with you and your friends and family’s faces on the moving characters in the video.

JibJab is a great unique way to cheer yourself up or send a friend or family member a smile. The new Apple JibJab messages application offer even more fun for everyone. JibJab messages allows you to choose a photo and adjust a person’s face in the face space on the character. Then you can send these hilarious personalized JibJab messages to your friends and family’s phone right from your iPhone and while you’re on the go.

Once you upload your photo, you can add your face to different characters on numerous different funny stickers and you can also add your face to a sticker that holds virtual gifts. Your own face, or a friends, will actually become part of the animated character featured in the entertaining message.

With this app, there are tons of stickers to choose from and you’re free to personalize them all and even share these funny stickers on social media for your friends to get a good laugh as well. Many will agree this new Apple app is undoubtedly one worth downloading and will certainly pay you and your friends and family back tenfold in laughs and happy moments. Simply snap a selfie with your the app, fill the blank oval space with the face of you or a friend and send these messages and stickers straight to your friends for a good laugh. This hysterically funny animated JibJab messages are so simple to make yet so much fun. They’re great for passing time and will give you and your friends such a good laugh you won’t be able to watch them just once!

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