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Kingdom Rush Game App Review

Kingdom Rush Game App Review

by March 13, 2016

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Even though Kingdom Rush may not get any points for being innovative as far as core game concepts go, it manages to keep things entertaining as well as addictive from the beginning to the end.

Players are provided with a single scene of a route. Enemies spawn at the end portions of the route and march towards a goal as to which the play has to defend with towers. If enemies are able to reach their objective, it takes away from the player’s health. On the opposite sides of the path that enemies use, there are empty building slots which players can use to place various towers. Every time a player kills an enemy, they earn goal which is subsequently used to either build or upgrade towers. This cycle repeats itself until the player dies or until they are able to destroy the required amount of waves.

Even though the game utilizes a basic concept, the concept itself is complicated by various types of tower upgrades and enemy types as well. Within the game there lies a rock-paper-scissors balance amongst the player’s towers and enemies, which brings a certain degree of strategic depth to the game. For instance, artillery towers which have been upgraded to cause an area effect would be better suited for large groups of weaker units. However, when it comes to dealing with single armored units, the utilizing of a mage tower, which dishes out higher damage but focuses on one target, would be a better choice.

As players upgrade their towers, they are given a branch of options to choose from. For example, players can choose to upgrade their archer towers to have a long-range high damage sniper effect, or a moderate damage, fast firing machine gun effect. On top of that, once a player branches out and upgrades, they are able to go through a series of other upgrades such as explosive sniper shots or poison arrows for example.

Players start off with up to 20 levels, which each have their own distinctive theme, various types of enemies and unique path arrangement. Players also have various difficulty settings as well. The game also features a 3-star rating system which illustrates their performance for a given level, based on how much health points they have by the end of said level. During the game, players will also get the opportunity to earn gemstones which can be used to purchase special abilities. Besides that, players can use their stars to purchase permanent upgrades or to buy more heroes, as well as extra gemstones.

Video and Audio 
Everything looks visually appealing and clean within the game. It consists of a cartoonish style that is colorful yet, consistent. As far as the audio department goes, everything sounds surprisingly impressive and the game offers a wide range of audio effects to enhance the aura of the battlefield such as the fact that your units tend to give comedic responses every now and then when you click on them.

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that sets itself apart from its counterparts by introducing some interesting gameplay mechanics that will surely be of some appeal to veteran tower defense players, as well as individuals who are new to the tower defense genre.

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