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Laserbreak Lite

Laserbreak Lite

by February 26, 2016

Laserbreak is a game of angles. For those of you who hate math, please don’t run screaming into the street quite yet. Lasers and mirrors have always been paired with one another, and this game is no different, using creative angles and fascinating features to guide your laser to its target and destroy it. What does make this game unique is the vast plethora of levels available to those who can find their way through its various obstacles. The levels get progressively difficult and take a large jump in difficulty around level fifteen.

Most of these more difficult operation have YouTube tutorials available. but for the game who likes a challenge, this is your game. The simple nature of the game itself allows it to be learned quickly. However, the farther you progress, the harder it is to master. Simple skills require more precision and various items are thrown into the mix to aid you in your mission to destroy the target in each level. The game is rooted strongly in physics, with various objects utilized to guide the laser through various angles. The laser is fired from the left-hand side of the screen and guided toward the target.

Mirrors of various shapes frequently triangles are then used to guide the laser around the objects it can’t pass through. Initially, it is very simple, as one can turn a mirror here, adjust a mirror there and then the target is fried. Later levels introduce objects such as dynamite and stone that must be utilized in one way or another to destroy the target. Eventually, the game evolves into a kind of physics equation, forcing you to use your brain (tiresome, I know) in order to complete the level and blow up the target.

Laserbreak also presents various hidden coins for rewards to add an extra challenge in case things become too easy. The real joy comes from playing enough to the point of addiction. The game is so simple it can be annoying, but as it progresses the challenge of completing a level can become personal, and the joy of finishing a level becomes deeply satisfying. For gamers, this is the kind of game one should start on so they can get a feel for the levels of addiction as well as enter into the puzzle genres of games that are becoming increasingly popular.

All in all, if you have a love for puzzles, this game is for you. It is challenging and addicting, keeping you thinking at all times and causing you just enough mental discomfort without crushing your will to live. The graphics themselves are beautiful, especially for a lite game, and the easy accessibility presented by handheld use makes it a great way to pass the time on the commute to work or pass the time during a conversation with somebody who is insanely boring. The game is compatible with many devices and is available for a free download from the google play store with in-app purchases.

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