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LilRacerz Pro Rally iPhone App Review

LilRacerz Pro Rally iPhone App Review

by June 17, 2010
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LilRacerz ProThe LilRacerz Pro Rally is one of the best over the top arcade style racers that the iPhone has to offer.


  • This game has a lot of different tracks that you can play on in order to keep the game fresh and exciting.  There are over 17 different tracks that you will be able to compete on
  • Within these 17 different tracks you will find four main environments.  These environments include the desert, the jungle, the snow, and of course the Tarmac
  • As you play the game and complete tracks you can unlock other cars.  There are 9 different cars to unlock in the game and they all have turbos on them to help speed things up
  • Even though this is reminiscent of the old 16 bit racer games, you will love the draft physics that have been included in this game.  It just adds to the fun of the gameplay
  • The graphics in the game are completely retro and they are mixed a bit with some of the 3D effects that have made game so fun to play.  Kind of a cool mix int this game
  • As you play you can collect coins that you can use to upgrade your car and make it even faster.  This will help you beat the AI players and be the top racer in the game
  • This game has leaderboards that you can check out as well as achievements that you can collect.  You can get awards for stellar performances and fast times
  • There are three different levels of difficulty that you can try out to test your racing skills and prove that you really are the best
  • The AI players in this game are actually very smart and you will find that they are not always that easy to beat.  You will have to practice and sharpen your skills to be able to beat all of them
  • In every track you will find that there are a lot of different shortcuts that you can take to beat your competitors.  Many of them are secrets so you will have to try and find them all
  • You can even go off ramps in the game to get some serious hang time and fling your car around the track
  • You can squish the characters when you land on them and they are constantly terrified as your cars go around the track
  • You will love the soundtracks and the sound effects that come along with the game


This little racer app will take you back to the days before the flashy new gaming consoles and will let you enjoy good old fashioned arcade racing.  It is very simple to pick up and play so gamers of all ages will likely enjoy playing it.  The controls are easy to use and there is also social networking integration so you can play against your friends on Twitter and Facebook.  This is a 16 bit racer that has an over the head camera view.  It also adds a bit of humor and personality in the midst of all of the racing action.  Overall it is a decent game to download for only a dollar.

This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of a 5 star scale and you can download it onto your mobile iPhone for only $0.99.

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