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Lorax Garden iPhone app Review

Lorax Garden iPhone app Review

by April 27, 2010
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In the Lorax Garden iPhone app you will delve into the world of Dr. Seuss and grow your own magical trees and flowers.  You can create a variety of forests and customize them however you want.  You will also have to make sure that you complete each of the challenges that are associated with each forest that you grow and make sure that the plants are properly taken care of.  Enjoy this little app straight from the world of Dr. Seuss!


  • In this game you will get the chance to decorate and design your very own Truffula tree.  You will get to pick which color it is, what the shapes of the leaves look like, the pattern for the trunk as well as its shape and you can do that for every single tree that you are going to place in your little forest
  • Once you have created you tree you can then grow it by watering the trees in the nursery.  As you do small things like this you can watch the tree grow instantly!
  • Along with the trees you can also grow flowers too.  You will be able to see them grow up and bloom as you nurse them.  Make sure to give them water and pluck out the weeds that would steal their soil nutrients.  You will also want to protect them from any harmful insects that might come looking for a hearty meal
  • Once you have created these beautiful plants you can share them with your friends and family.   You can do this by emailing them post cards that have your creations attached
  • You can also track your progress on the world map to see how many of the forests that you have actually regrown.  You can also see on the map how many other forests could use your help rebuilding
  • There are a bunch of different challenges that you can take part in for each forest.  The forests are very individual and will become more demanding as you get farther into the game
  • This is a game that kids of any age will love to play.  As long as you have a love for Dr. Seuss then this game will be enjoyable to you
  • The music is fun and the sound effects highlight different parts of the game
  • All of the art is in 3D and it was inspired by the original drawings of Dr. Seuss


Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and lovers of Dr. Seuss.  This app currently costs around $2.99 for you to download and is well worth the few bucks you will spend.

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