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MahJong app Review

MahJong app Review

by March 14, 2010

MahJONGThere are a lot of different MahJong iPhone apps out there, so sometimes it is hard to know which ones to get.  This version of MahJong Solitaire is actually one of the simpler and more straightforward versions out there.  It has a great layout and the tiles are easy to see and manipulate.  The touchscreen ability allows you to precisely touch the pieces you are trying to match so that you can optimize the time available to you.

It is not hard to learn how to play the MahJong iPhone app.  In reality, MahJong is just a matching game.  You may get lost in all of the different pictures on the tiles and the way they are stacked, but just forget all that and focus on the basics.  The key to MahJong is to find tiles that are matching that are not covered by other tiles.  As you slowly find matches of “open” tiles you will start to clear the board.  Remember that every MahJong match has a solution, so don’t be fooled if you get to a point where you have no more moves.  Just go back and try the puzzle again, matching different tiles this time.  As you practice you will get better and also quicker and matching tiles.  The faster you can match tiles and clear the board, the more points you will get.  Try to beat other people’s high scores that are posted on the online leader boards.

Enjoy all that MahJong has to offer and immerse yourself in the foreign pictures and zodiac symbols.  This is a game of concentration and mental exercising.  Keep you mind in tune with your goals and you are sure to find a solution to every puzzle.


  • Over 150 different board layouts to choose from
  • There are 20 different pictures that you can use as a background
  • There is a hint feature in case you get stuck and can’t move anymore tiles
  • Choose the shuffle board option to mix things up a bit
  • Pick the shadow option so that the tiles are easier to see
  • The touch control has been improved in this latest version of the game
  • You can listen to your iTunes while you are playing the game
  • The game will automatically save your game and where you were in case you get a call
  • As you clear the big tiles you will have more room to work with the smaller ones.


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and only costs $0.99 to download.

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