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Marvel – Contest of Champions App Review for iPhone

Marvel – Contest of Champions App Review for iPhone

by April 24, 2015
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Marvel is no stranger to the fighting game genre with past favorites such as the Marvel vs. series and several X-Men related fighting games as well. Their latest entry into the fighting game arena is Contest of Champions, which pits Marvel Superheros (and a few villains) against one another in battles of strength and skill on mobile devices. Unlike it’s console forerunners, this fighting game is a bit more simplistic and allows practically anyone to jump in and have fun regardless of experience level or skill. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by Contest of Champions.


The controls in Contest of Champions are very basic. Instead of using a controller as one would do for a console game, this mobile game is played using the touch screen. The controls are set up to some what mimic the thumb sticks from a standard video game controller only in touch screen form. This allows the player to control their character with a few swipes of the thumb. For example, dashing forward at your opponent is done by swiping your thumb towards them. Blocking or preforming a power attack is done by holding your thumb on the screen. Overall the controls are very intuitive and easy to get used to.


In Contest of Champions the player starts with a set roster of characters to choose from but then progressively unlocks characters as they play. The complete roster is very diverse and offers players the ability to fight as popular character such as the Hulk and Wolverine to lesser known characters such as Blackbolt and Vision. The only real drawback here is the fact that characters are unlocked randomly and the player can end up getting the same character multiple times. Unlocking characters is easy but the randomness will likely make it take a while to unlock the entire roster.


The game play for Contest of Champions is relatively fast paced but not as fast as the Marvel vs. series. It is also much more simplistic allowing even novices to execute combos and skill attacks. The only real issue here is that pretty much every character pays the same except for their unique special skill. For example, Cyclops can shoot a beam from his eyes while Wolverine can do a claw slash. Aside from this however, all of the characters play the same. This is good for newbies but fighting game veterans may dislike the lack of variety and depth.


The graphics in Contest of Champions are top notch for a mobile device. Each character looks exactly as you’d expect them to and are rendered in high detail. The background are also striking and well designed. The character animations for attacks are fluid and look like something out of a fast paced anime battle and the special moves are suitably flashy, giving the player a sense of satisfaction when pulling them off. The only real drawback here is that if played on a small screen, like a budget smartphone, the player may not have the opportunity to fully appreciate the finer details.


Ultimately Contest of Champions is a great mobile fighting game. While it does lack the depth of its console forerunners, it is still a fun experience that anyone can pick up and play, which is the point of mobile games any way. The overall presentation from the graphics, to the characters, to the smooth animations really help this game stand apart from the crowd as you can tell the developers really put some effort into their work. Contest of Champions gets a score of 4/5 Stars.

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