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Medium Publishing App for iPhone

Medium Publishing App for iPhone

by July 19, 2015


The creators of Twitter have now released a publishing app called Medium, aimed at creating a new social network capable of easily creating written or annotated photos as content for users. Currently we know that the app will be easy for commenting on photos or placing text within photos to make jokes or social commentary on an image. It’s easy to speculate the app will be something more complex and engaging than an enhanced Instagram or Twitter, though.

Making an account for the app will include a login with the user’s Twitter account, which is no shock considering the creators are the co-founders of Obvious, the same two who started Twitter, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. It’s been compared to Pinterest as well, but likely aims to serve a very different function. Many social media apps seem similar before their launch, which is sort of the nature of the beast, but Medium appears to have the full confidence of its creators that it will start a new and engaging social media interface.

Like twitter, the content created by Medium will likely be short and swift, easy to follow, and also have the potential to become a guilty pleasure in no time. Right now Medium appears to be an interface suited to friends and family, but the team at Obvious has been pushing to get writers, celebrities and other personalities to jump on board with its launch.

One of the ways Medium is designed to go beyond individual use is its focus on collaborating with one another to create its content. People will be able to build off one another’s posts and create topic pages that touch on particular subjects. Users will be able to contribute to other pages and create their own. This idea is sort of similar to the secondary function of Twitter’s hashtags, but it focuses on topics and subtopics. Like other social media sites, the trendiest topics will be what you’re most likely to view on the app. The way it’s going to be set up will make it easier to start a dialog with pictures and messages.

Biz, Evan, and other programmers at Obvious have changed the face of social media before, and Medium may be the next facelift for the web and how we engage one another on a daily basis.

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